Hack Howzat Cricket Game: Trick To Always Win In Friendly Challenge Of 2 Overs

Hi everyone! Writing a post after a long time! Hope you all are doing good. Today I’m going to tell about a trick about Howzat Cricket game by which you can never lose against your friends in a friendly challenge of 2 overs. Well for this hack, you don't have any need of tool or a specific browser and I don’t think it’s necessary to tell about game procedure or how to play, well you can learn more about it from here.

Howzat Cricket
Here comes the main task. As I think mostly among you would have been known about this hack, but still I’m sharing for those who are unaware from it and mostly fails to win against their friends. Just keep in mind the following steps while playing:
  • Never give challenge to your friends, just respond to their challenges that means always chase the target.
  • Suppose your friend has given you a target of 45 runs, so start chasing it.
  • If you’re playing well then it’s good, but if at any stage while chasing you think you’re losing the challenge (like while chasing 45, your score is only 31 in 1.4 overs), then simply click on the Home button as shown below:

Howzat Cricket
  • It will revert back to home page from where you can start chasing again the target. Hope you understand what I’m saying.
  • It will give you more & more chances to win until you win the challenge. So is not it good?
Note: You would only have 2 days for playing the pending challenge else you will lose it without playing. 
  • So start fomenting your friends give you challenge and let’s win it :).
Have a nice day!

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