Chat Trick - Check Whether Friends Are Doing Chat From Computer Or Mobile

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Hello friends!! Today I'm gonna tell about a funny chat trick. Have you ever imagined about the thing whether your friends are doing chat from computer or or mobile? Well it's not any hack, it's just common sense while doing chat with friends.
  • Start chatting with your friends.
  • While chatting, check whether first letter of sentence is capital or not?
  • If it's capital, mean friend is doing chat from mobile, whereas small letter mean doing it from computer.
  • It sounds weird, but in mostly cases it would be true, like mostly mobile's text first letter is capital by default.
For e.g. Hey, how are you? mostly chances friend is doing chat from mobile; whereas hey, how are you? means he/she doing it from computer probably.
  • It wouldn't be 100% correct always, because your friend can also be smart like you :) & some mobile's text first letter doesn't be capital by default.

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January 29, 2012 at 4:39 AM delete

That's a great idea. This needs intelligence. Thanks for this trick


Thank you for your comment.