Make Your Online Shopping Cart Solutions Hacker-Proof

This is a guest post by Jayati Bhattacharjee.

As owner of online shopping cart solutions, considering the issue of security seriously is important. To improve security of your online store, opt for simple strategies, such as buying a SSL certificate, using a powerful password, and using latest version of e commerce software.

Most people who own e-commerce stores believe that paying attention to web design and product selection are sufficient for enhancing conversation rate. Unfortunately, this is a wrong concept. For most users, the issue of security, rather the design, holds more importance.

To buy an item from an e-commerce store, offering credit card information is essential. Users are aware of the fact that if this sensitive information is passed on to any third-party, it can bring in negative consequences. This means that if you own an online store, opting for security measures for protecting your shop and customers is essential. Here are few steps you can take for enhancing security of your online shopping cart solutions.

Opt For a Security Certificate

Opting for a SSL certificate is a vital step for securing your e-commerce store. You can purchase this certificate via your web hosting service provider. Acquiring a SSL certificate will prevent hackers from obtaining sensitive information about your customers and misusing it.

SSL certificates are valid for 1 year. Therefore, you need to renew them regularly for securing your website.

Select a Strong Password

While most of us are aware of the importance of a strong password, few of us actually implement the strategy in reality. However, when you own an online store, you should not take any risk. Stay on the safe side by creating a password that includes numbers as well as alphabets. Avoid using passwords that are easy to guess-such as your car number or birthday. Ideally, they should be 7-8 characters long (at least).

For extra protection, request your customers to create strong passwords. Also, ask them to change their passwords regularly.

Avoid Trusting Your Employees Blindly

If you possess a team that manages your online store, be careful about their actions. If possible, avoid sharing billing information of the customers even with your employees. In case a trusted employee resigns, close his account. This will prevent others from acquiring sensitive information via his account.

If you require to hire a website designer for modifying the site or performing any other action, opt for a new password immediately after the job is completed.

Choose Latest Version of E Commerce Software

To prevent any unwanted situation, opt for the latest version of your e commerce software. Visit website of the developer regularly to acquire information about bugs and security. You also need to ensure that the web server hosting your online store is up-to-date. Additionally, make sure that the host uses a firewall for protecting personal information of visitors.

In the midst of all these, do not forget to protect your own computer by choosing good anti-virus programs and recommended firewalls.

Paper Print-Outs Should Not Include Sensitive Information

If you are planning to print order forms, ensure that these forms do not include billing or personal information of customers. Neglecting this issue can result in unwanted consequences.

Consider these tips to improve security of your online shop. If you require any help, get in touch with any renowned web development expert. He will guide you in making your online shop hacker-proof.

About the author:

Jayati is a techinal author at quality Web solutions which is a web design and development company in India. If you want to build a hacker-proof website you can contact or follow quality web solution on Facebook.

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