Tips To Optimizing Your Facebook Privacy

This is a guest post by Jennifer O.

The world is a lot more interconnected than people seem to realize. There are far more privacy issues that people have than they would have had to deal with in the past. Facebook is a big reason for this fact. When pictures and information is uploaded onto Facebook, it can be difficult for things to stay private. It is not just about the pictures or videos that you upload yourself, but about those that your friends, or friends of your friends, upload. Say you go to a party at a friends house and someone takes pictures there. They will upload those pictures on Facebook and you might end up being tagged in them, even if you did not want to be. This can be an uncomfortable situation, especially if you do not want anyone to see those pictures.This is where the Facebook privacy settings can be so crucial. There is a lot about your Facebook profile that can be controlled. For example, you can control:
  • Who can search for you on Facebook.
  • Who can see your profile picture on Facebook.
  • Who can see your profile information on Facebook.
  • Who can see your wall on Facebook.
  • Who can access your pictures and/or videos on Facebook.
These are crucial privacy settings and they can all be controlled by the privacy tab on your profile page. By selecting various options, you can decide if only friends of your friends can search for you, or if anyone can search for you. This way, you can protect yourself from random people adding you as a friend or from potential employers searching for you when you apply for jobs.

Display Picture Privacy


There are also options to decide if your display picture can be viewed. This way, if there are a lot of people with the same name, no one will be able to tell which one is you. On the flip side, you might want your picture displayed so that new friends can find you and add you on Facebook. It is all about personal preferences when it comes to privacy settings.

Photo and Video Privacy


Privacy in terms of videos and photos is slightly more complicated. While it is easy enough to decide who can see your photos and videos, it is harder with photos that others add. For items you have uploaded to Facebook, you can decide if you want only friends to see them, friends of friends, everyone, or no one. You can also block certain people or groups of people from seeing your pictures and/or videos. This is useful if you do not want your family, work colleagues, or certain friends to view pictures. Each album that you upload to Facebook can also have specific privacy settings.When someone tags you in a photo that they have posted, you have the option to approve or disapprove this tag before it becomes visible. These settings can be changed at any time. That way, you cannot be tagged in any picture unless you want to be. Similarly, if you are tagged in a post on someone's wall, you must approve the tagging before it becomes visible. This can prevent unpleasant surprises when you might find yourself tagged in a situation that you do not want to be involved with.

Tag Review


Another privacy setting is the tag review. While you can approve/disapprove being tagged in posts, you can also approve or disapprove tags that other people make on your own posts. For example, if you say something and tag a few friends, you might find a friend of yours tags someone else in that post. If you do not want this, you may simply reject the tag.

Blocking Someone


The final privacy setting on Facebook that can be used is the block feature. This is a feature which people rarely use, but may be relevant if someone is harassing you on Facebook, or if you just do not want to see someone's posts/status updates/messages/photos anymore. You may simply add someone's name to the blocked list. This way, they will not be able to see you, or anything you post, on Facebook and vice versa. Anyone can be blocked or unblocked at any time. Be wary that the person will in all likelihood realize that you have blocked them, so be careful when you are using this feature.

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