MSN Spy Helps You Monitor Loved Ones Without Detection

This is a guest post by Jane Andrew.

MSN Spy is the perfect solution for any parent or spouse who wants to monitor the online communications of a loved one on MSN without detection. But with so many communication formats and options to choose from, MSN monitoring applications will not be enough to track all online activity. So if you really want to keep tabs on all of your loved one’s computing activities, you need complete PC monitoring software that includes:

Keystroke Logging: While MSN spy applications can help you see incoming and outgoing IM’s, they can’t help you see what your loved one is doing on other websites. A Keystroke Log records all keystroke activity so you can see exactly what someone is doing on every website they visit.

MSN, Yahoo, and Skype Voice Call Recording: When someone uses the Internet to make a phone call, they are technically making a VOIP. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to find out who a loved one is speaking to when using a VOIP because these phone calls never appear on traditional phone bills. And while MSN spy is great for capturing IM’s, you really need a separate spy software feature that records all VOIP’s and Contact Details.

MSN Spy and Yahoo Chat Log: Yahoo is a very popular platform for sending and receiving IM’s—or chatting. So in addition to MSN Spy, you also need a spy application that records all IM’s in Yahoo as well.

Screen Shots: MSN Spy cannot show you all the websites a loved one’s visits each day or which applications they use. Therefore, you need desktop monitoring software that automatically generates screen shots whenever a new application is used or a new website is visited.

Facebook Spy App: Facebook is the most popular social networking site where more than 800 million people can meet and communicate with one another. Unfortunately, if your loved one knows how to properly leverage the Privacy Settings, it can be almost impossible to monitor them without computer monitoring programs. In addition to helping you get around Privacy Settings so you can see everyone in your loved one’s “Friends” list, a Facebook Spy App also records all incoming and outgoing IM’s.

Surround Recording: To monitor physical or cell phone conversations around the monitored computer, you need Desktop Monitoring Software that includes Surround Recording. This feature allows you to remotely activate a microphone and secretly make a recording of the computer’s surroundings for later analysis.

MSN spy apps are great tools for monitoring some of your loved one’s online activities without detection. But for the complete picture of all computing activities, you really need comprehensive PC monitoring software with advanced surveillance features.

About the author:

Jane has been in the business of providing quality information on PC monitoring software. Most recently her focus has shifted towards the MSN spy which is making waves in the technology world today.

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