Why Hacking Can Be A Good Thing?

Why Hacking Can Be A Good Thing?

This is a guest post by David Wise.

Many people view hackers as underground cyber-criminals. While early hackers often looked for ways to circumvent security systems, modern hackers have evolved to offer a variety of legal services. The word 'hacker' is often used to describe individuals who modify or change a system for a new use. For example, the Microsoft Kinect has been altered by hackers to support autonomous robots, information learning systems and more.

There are two common types of hackers in the world: black hat and white hat. Black hat hackers are commonly involved in identity theft, credit card fraud and other nefarious activities. Many types of malware are developed by black hat hacker communities.

White hat hackers use their skills for the good of companies, individuals and governments. For example, white hat hackers may help a company discover vulnerabilities in its products. While this may include traditional software services, it also includes services that aren't traditionally associated with information security. For example, warehouses in Los Angeles rely on a complex supply chain software program to deliver and manage inventory. In some cases, inventory systems can contain bugs or potential exploits. A criminal group could use a software exploit to hide the theft of inventory from a warehouse. However, white hat hackers can often identify potential problems in an existing software package.

One recent case of white hat hacking took place in Iran. Over the past few years, Iran has been developing a nuclear bomb program. One part of this program requires specialized equipment to enrich uranium. Uranium is enriched with a special automated centrifuge.

Last year, a virus named Stuxnet attacked Iranian centrifuges used in the production of enriched uranium. The virus worked by altering the control signals sent to the centrifuges. By sending an alternating set of conflicting demands, the virus was able to make the centrifuges overheat.

No one knows for sure who developed the Stuxnet virus. Many researchers believe it was a collaborative effort between the Central Intelligence Agency in the United States and Mossad in Israel. However, the Stuxnet virus was able to delay Iran's efforts to build a nuclear bomb. In this case, hackers will able to reduce the threat of nuclear proliferation in a war-torn area of the world.

Hackers can play a positive or negative role in society. While hackers are traditionally associated with criminal activities, many of their skills can be used for the greater good of society.

About the author:

David Wise likes to write about technology. When not doing that he is playing Angry Birds, cheering on Jeremy Lin and watching Mad Men.

Free Mobile Recharge By Playing Online Games And Referrals (Only For Indian Users)

Free Mobile Recharge
Hi everyone! Thanks a lot for your great support to my previous post "Free Recharge Your Mobile Using EmbeePay Facebook Application (100% Working)", today I'm going to share one more wonderful site OGN (only for Indian users) which provides the free recharge as EmbeePay, means 100% working.

People like playing online games and OGN is giving recharges to people for playing online games and for referrals. The whole concept is simple and easy:
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    Facebook ShareGmail Points
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Recharge by playing online games (Minimum payout 10):

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  • So that amount is credited in your account, its your wish to continue playing the same game or not, but to get more amount you need to play a different game (refreshing the page will do the same).
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Free Recharge

Recharge by referrals (Minimum payout ₹ 500):

Now the most interesting part of OGN is their promoter section, a gamer can also become promoter and no separate account is needed. Promoter section is for those people who got internet marketing skills. If you have a website, or a facebook fan page with lot of members, or even if you have a lot of contacts in your facebook account or email, this will work for you.
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Note: As mentioned above, minimum payout for promoter account is ₹ 500 and the payout process for both section is separate (means if you have 8 in Game cash balance and ₹ 50 in Promoter cash balance, then you would not be eligible for recharge).
Essential Attributes Of An Ethical Hacker

Essential Attributes Of An Ethical Hacker

This is a guest post by Sapna.

The term Hacker can be defined as a person who is inclined towards learning more about the computer systems and trace out ways to stretch their capabilities as compared to most of the users who learn just the necessary amount. Now with a boom in the usage of Internet, computer security has become a major concern for governments and businesses. Hence the process of noticing intruder threats on the web and to stop them from getting access to classified documents, ethical hacking is carried out.

The hackers that take on hacking for an ethical purpose are known as ethical hackers. Ethical Hackers possess a wide array of skills. But one of the major essentialities of an ethical hacker is that he/she should be completely trustworthy. During their frequent checks of client systems, the ethical hacker may find classified information which if publicized may result in huge financial losses for the client. More sensitive the information, stronger measures should be taken to ensure that the security of systems must be employed by the very same ethical hacker only.

Ethical hackers have exceptionally strong programing and computer networking skills backed by the experience of several years. They also possess tact in installing and maintaining systems that use popular operating systems. These skills are harnessed with in-depth knowledge of the hardware and software provided by networking hardware vendors. A perfect understanding of the security systems that are already in place is essential in order to carry out vulnerable testing and conceptualizing the report for a client after the test.

Moreover the basic attributes of an ethical hacker is that he/she will definitely have more patience and drive than most people. The kind of work regimes that an ethical hacker goes through demands a lot of time and persistence. This quality in character is essential as criminal hackers are known to be extremely vigilant and patient, carrying out monitoring activities for months together. A general evaluation of a security system in place itself may require more than a few days of tedious work. Last but not the least; an ethical hacker should have the knowledge of almost all the tools that criminal hackers use to access classified information and must also be able to trace out methods to stop them.

About the author:

This is a guest article written by Sapna, Manager at Taaza.com, an Indian horizontal site. Significant verticals include Jobs, Classifieds, News and Education.
How To Protect Your Business Records From Hackers?

How To Protect Your Business Records From Hackers?

This is a guest post by Andy Granger.

Now more than ever, hackers and cyber criminals are on the prowl for sensitive information. It is for this very reason that it is extremely important to take the proper steps in securing your confidential business records. Because any leaked information can mean big trouble for your business, you must take the time to safeguard everything. If you are wondering how to protect your business records from hackers, the following tips can help.
  1. Always Use a Firewall: One of the most important ways to protect your company’s business records from hackers is to have a firewall in operation at all times. A firewall monitors and filters information coming in from the internet and blocks anything that appears suspicious. A firewall also monitors the transmission of information between your business and others. Always make sure that a firewall is installed on all computers and functioning properly so your business records are protected.
  2. Adopt Company-Wide Safety Regulations: Having a set of company-wide safety regulations in place can also help to protect your business records from hackers. If all employees with internet and computer access follow the same protocols, confidential business information is much less likely to be at risk. Make sure everyone knows the limits and rules regarding internet use, and that strong passwords are used by all employees. Let all employees know that anyone who chooses to ignore the safety regulations will be punished accordingly. Also, if any employee notices anything suspicious or worrisome, make sure they report the issue immediately so the proper action can be taken.
  3. Install a Quality Anti-Virus Program: All computers used in your business need to have a quality anti-virus program installed on them. Anti-virus and anti-spyware programs are necessary to keep your computers and information safe from hackers, viruses, and other serious threats. Avoid programs that are free of charge, as they often cannot adequately protect you against the latest internet security threats. Once you have your program in place, make sure it is functioning properly at all times and that the automatic update feature is turned on. This will keep the software updated so it always has the ability to detect the latest threats and prevent them from invading your computer system.
  4. Keep All Computers Updated: Another way to protect your business records from hackers is to keep all computers (including software and hardware) updated at all times. Updates often address security issues and keep computers functioning properly and efficiently. To keep your equipment updated, regularly check manufacturers’ websites for information regarding updates.
  5. Backup Data on a Regular Basis: It is very important to create backup files of all important business records on a regular basis. This will ensure you always have access to all of your records, even if there ever happens to be a security breach of some sort. Make sure to keep the backup files in a safe and secure location at all times.
Now that you know some ways to protect your business records from hackers, there should be no reason that your confidential information is ever at risk. Staying committed to keeping your business records safe at all times will help to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

About the author:

Guest post from Andy Granger. Andy writes for BusinessInsurance.org.
Apps For Securing Your Smartphone From Hackers And Thieves

Apps For Securing Your Smartphone From Hackers And Thieves

This is a guest post by Katheryn Rivas.

Your phone houses some of the most sensitive data in your life. Phone numbers, private notes, emails, internet history, financial information, personal photos—virtually everything you do can be captured and catalogued on your phone. That’s why it’s of utmost importance that you secure your phone against any potential threat, be it damaging malware, unsecure web pages, or the physical theft of your phone. Your smartphone is a part of your identity, so securing it should be a no-brainer.

If you don’t have any extra security on your smartphone, now is the time to try out some of the options available. Here are some of the best security apps and services out there for Android and iOS:

Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security is a free app available for both Android and iOS platforms, offering a wealth of security features for your smartphone. The app stays vigilant as long as your smartphone is on, meaning that it monitors all sorts of online activity to make sure that its safe and secure. The monitoring capabilities include checking for secure Wi-Fi connections, warning you about potentially hazardous websites and apps, and protecting any financial transaction that might occur. Lookout Mobile Security also backs up data from your smartphone so you can retrieve sensitive data in the event that your phone is lost, stolen, or destroyed.

F-Secure Mobile Security

F-Secure Mobile Security is an app available for Android and Symbian powered smartphones that covers all the bases. It has state of the art tracking software so you can track not only your own phone, but other phones on your account (like your child’s phone, for example) with the simple touch of a button. The app also monitors web activity for potentially dangerous sites, and has customizable options for you to change at your leisure should you want to block certain sites or apps from ever appearing on your phone. F-Secure also secures your sensitive data in the event that your phone falls in the wrong hands.

Find My iPhone

This service is strictly for products that operate off iOS, but it’s definitely one worth having for the security features alone. Find My iPhone is among the best tracking apps that you can get for an iPhone. You simply need to download the app (which is free), and let it sit in your iPhone. Hopefully you’ll never need to use it, but if your iPhone is lost or stolen, you’ll be able to track it remotely using the phone’s GPS capabilities. Through the app’s website, you should be able to track your phone down to the very street and unique address to where it’s being held. You can even send a text message to your phone if you want to communicate with your phone’s captor! How’s that for impressive?

Cerberus for Android

Cerberus is Android’s version of Find My iPhone, complete with impressive tracking technology that’ll locate your lost smartphone within moments. For only a small user fee (around 3 dollars) you’ll have a lifetime of security against any potential theft or losses. You can track the exact location of your missing phone and send a text message to it just as well as you can with the previously mentioned app. It’s a necessary app for any Android user.

About the author:

This guest post is contributed by Katheryn Rivas, who writes on the topics of online universities advice. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: katherynrivas87[at]gmail[dot]com.

Tips To Protect Your Email Account From Hackers

This is a guest post by Ilya Elbert.

Accessing someone’s email account without her or his permission is technically termed as email hacking. Email hacking is a crime and is categorized under cyber crime. With the impending boon of internet the cases of cyber crime are also increasing rapidly. The hackers use the technology in wrong way and hack the email accounts of others.
Email Hack
The hackers can hack the email account and may harm you in many ways. They can send objectionable content to anyone from your email id; they can access your social networking website and harm your public image. The hackers can even hack your passwords and transact from your bank account.

The common mistake that people often do is to keep the same password for their various accounts. This help the hackers access all their accounts.

The hackers use various methods to hack your password so as to access your mail account or to get your personal information. They can also steal your property, access the copyright data or withdraw the money from your online bank account. Though there are various security points developed by the programmers to avoid the hacking but the hackers are smart enough to drill the security and crack the hidden passwords.

Fortunately we have the computer security option which may avoid your email hacking. Below are a few good and effective tips to save your email from the hackers:
  • Be attentive while logging in to your email account: Before you login in any website check whether the URL is authenticated or not. Hackers usually create the fake login pages to steal your passwords.
  • Do not use mail account at public place: Unless it is very urgent avoid using the email account in public places or a public computer. You never know the person sitting next to you might be looking at your password to steal it. Public computers are not safe to open your email account. The computer owner might have some spyware installed in his machine to store your passwords.
  • Always have secondary email account: While creating an email account the server always prompt to give a secondary email id which often people ignore. This secondary email account is useful to login from the public computers. When you are on the go, forward all the important mails from your original account to the secondary email account. Your main email account would remain uncompromised even if hackers crack your password.
  • Do check the IP in regular intervals of the last login: Gmail offers this amazing feature using which you can check the IPL of your login. Gmail shows the last login IP on left corner of your inbox. In case you find the IP suspicious change your password immediately.
  • Check for bad filters: Email services provide the custom filters, keep checking the filters and if you find any unknown sender be alert.
  • Avoid clicking the suspicious links: The hackers usually send the suspicious links hidden behind some attractive text. If you click these links you are actually handling your computer to the hackers. The hacking link could also be hidden in any kind of image. If you have got such links or any special downloadable links from your friends, confirm it before downloading it to your computer system.
  • Set a strong password: However the email services show the vulnerability of your password but sometimes the password shown strong by them might not actually be strong. To be very secure, select an alphanumeric password. Use special characters to make your passwords extra strong.
In a nutshell you need to be careful and watchful if you do not want the hackers to crack your password. It is always advised to use the email services requiring https:// to connect.

About the author:

Ilya Elbert writes for several IT Services NYC and PC Repair NYC corporations.

Free Download WinRAR 4.00 Precracked For 32-Bit, 64-Bit Windows Operating Systems

Hi everyone! March has been ended and Today I'm going to publish my first post of April on WinRar Precracked.

WinRar Logo
WinRAR is Windows version version of the RAR archiver - a powerful tool which allows you to create, manage and control archive files. reduce the size of email attachments, decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet and create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format. There are several versions of RAR, for a number of operating environments: Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X.

Download WinRAR 4.00 Pre-cracked for both 32-Bit and 64-Bit OS from here.

Some of the WinRAR features are:
  • Complete support of RAR and ZIP archives.
  • Highly sophisticated, original compression algorithm.
  • Solid archiving, which can raise compression ratio by 10% - 50%.
  • Other service functions, such as encryption, archive comments, error logging etc.