Essential Attributes Of An Ethical Hacker

This is a guest post by Sapna.

The term Hacker can be defined as a person who is inclined towards learning more about the computer systems and trace out ways to stretch their capabilities as compared to most of the users who learn just the necessary amount. Now with a boom in the usage of Internet, computer security has become a major concern for governments and businesses. Hence the process of noticing intruder threats on the web and to stop them from getting access to classified documents, ethical hacking is carried out.

The hackers that take on hacking for an ethical purpose are known as ethical hackers. Ethical Hackers possess a wide array of skills. But one of the major essentialities of an ethical hacker is that he/she should be completely trustworthy. During their frequent checks of client systems, the ethical hacker may find classified information which if publicized may result in huge financial losses for the client. More sensitive the information, stronger measures should be taken to ensure that the security of systems must be employed by the very same ethical hacker only.

Ethical hackers have exceptionally strong programing and computer networking skills backed by the experience of several years. They also possess tact in installing and maintaining systems that use popular operating systems. These skills are harnessed with in-depth knowledge of the hardware and software provided by networking hardware vendors. A perfect understanding of the security systems that are already in place is essential in order to carry out vulnerable testing and conceptualizing the report for a client after the test.

Moreover the basic attributes of an ethical hacker is that he/she will definitely have more patience and drive than most people. The kind of work regimes that an ethical hacker goes through demands a lot of time and persistence. This quality in character is essential as criminal hackers are known to be extremely vigilant and patient, carrying out monitoring activities for months together. A general evaluation of a security system in place itself may require more than a few days of tedious work. Last but not the least; an ethical hacker should have the knowledge of almost all the tools that criminal hackers use to access classified information and must also be able to trace out methods to stop them.

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