Free Mobile Recharge By Playing Online Games And Referrals (Only For Indian Users)

Free Mobile Recharge
Hi everyone! Thanks a lot for your great support to my previous post "Free Recharge Your Mobile Using EmbeePay Facebook Application (100% Working)", today I'm going to share one more wonderful site OGN (only for Indian users) which provides the free recharge as EmbeePay, means 100% working.

People like playing online games and OGN is giving recharges to people for playing online games and for referrals. The whole concept is simple and easy:
  • Sign-up on OGN by clicking here.
  • After Sign-up process, Log-in to your account.
  • On the Home Page, you will see two options on left and right corners as shown below:

    Facebook ShareGmail Points
  • Clicking on them will share it on your facebook wall and will invite your gmail friends.
  • You will credited with 500 points means 5 for your "Game Cash Balance" and ₹ 50 for your "Promoter Cash Balance". Game Cash Balance is the balance you make by playing games and Promoter Cash Balance is for your referrals.

Recharge by playing online games (Minimum payout 10):

  • After ₹ 5 Game Cash Balance, start playing games from "Game Categories".
  • You will be credited based on the time spend in a single game.
  • If you play a game for at least 6 minutes, a popup will display as shown below showing that you are credited with this much Rupees.

  • So that amount is credited in your account, its your wish to continue playing the same game or not, but to get more amount you need to play a different game (refreshing the page will do the same).
  • When you reach to minimum amount 10, you can make a recharge request by clicking here. But its entirely up to the user when to request for the recharge, usually people request for recharge when their balance reaches 50. Users can check their available cash balance by clicking on "OGN Cash" tab.
  • Put anything in subject like "Recharge Request" or "Recharge my number" with last 5 digit of your mobile number, service provider along with username and amount as shown below:

Note: Mention only last 5 digits of your Mobile Number due to privacy of your number.
  • After processing of your request, you will get recharge successfully.
Free Recharge

Recharge by referrals (Minimum payout ₹ 500):

Now the most interesting part of OGN is their promoter section, a gamer can also become promoter and no separate account is needed. Promoter section is for those people who got internet marketing skills. If you have a website, or a facebook fan page with lot of members, or even if you have a lot of contacts in your facebook account or email, this will work for you.
  • What you need to do is, after logging in you need to visit the "Referral" section of OGN where you will get your referral link.
  • You can send this referral link to your friends, post it in your facebook wall or if you have a website or blog you can post the same there as well.
Note: Your referred visitors should be from India. 
  • OGN pays ₹ 1 for 4 people visited OGN using your referral link and it doesn't matter whether those people registered in the website or not, you will still get your money.
  • But if those visitors register in the website you will get additional ₹ 1 for each visitor.
  • So if 4 people visited OGN using your referral link, your credit is ₹ 1, but if 4 of them registered in the website, you will get an additional ₹ 4, so total is ₹ 5 for 4 visitors and you will still get your ₹ 1 if none of them registered in the website.
Note: As mentioned above, minimum payout for promoter account is ₹ 500 and the payout process for both section is separate (means if you have 8 in Game cash balance and ₹ 50 in Promoter cash balance, then you would not be eligible for recharge).

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