Tips To Protect Your Email Account From Hackers

This is a guest post by Ilya Elbert.

Accessing someone’s email account without her or his permission is technically termed as email hacking. Email hacking is a crime and is categorized under cyber crime. With the impending boon of internet the cases of cyber crime are also increasing rapidly. The hackers use the technology in wrong way and hack the email accounts of others.
Email Hack
The hackers can hack the email account and may harm you in many ways. They can send objectionable content to anyone from your email id; they can access your social networking website and harm your public image. The hackers can even hack your passwords and transact from your bank account.

The common mistake that people often do is to keep the same password for their various accounts. This help the hackers access all their accounts.

The hackers use various methods to hack your password so as to access your mail account or to get your personal information. They can also steal your property, access the copyright data or withdraw the money from your online bank account. Though there are various security points developed by the programmers to avoid the hacking but the hackers are smart enough to drill the security and crack the hidden passwords.

Fortunately we have the computer security option which may avoid your email hacking. Below are a few good and effective tips to save your email from the hackers:
  • Be attentive while logging in to your email account: Before you login in any website check whether the URL is authenticated or not. Hackers usually create the fake login pages to steal your passwords.
  • Do not use mail account at public place: Unless it is very urgent avoid using the email account in public places or a public computer. You never know the person sitting next to you might be looking at your password to steal it. Public computers are not safe to open your email account. The computer owner might have some spyware installed in his machine to store your passwords.
  • Always have secondary email account: While creating an email account the server always prompt to give a secondary email id which often people ignore. This secondary email account is useful to login from the public computers. When you are on the go, forward all the important mails from your original account to the secondary email account. Your main email account would remain uncompromised even if hackers crack your password.
  • Do check the IP in regular intervals of the last login: Gmail offers this amazing feature using which you can check the IPL of your login. Gmail shows the last login IP on left corner of your inbox. In case you find the IP suspicious change your password immediately.
  • Check for bad filters: Email services provide the custom filters, keep checking the filters and if you find any unknown sender be alert.
  • Avoid clicking the suspicious links: The hackers usually send the suspicious links hidden behind some attractive text. If you click these links you are actually handling your computer to the hackers. The hacking link could also be hidden in any kind of image. If you have got such links or any special downloadable links from your friends, confirm it before downloading it to your computer system.
  • Set a strong password: However the email services show the vulnerability of your password but sometimes the password shown strong by them might not actually be strong. To be very secure, select an alphanumeric password. Use special characters to make your passwords extra strong.
In a nutshell you need to be careful and watchful if you do not want the hackers to crack your password. It is always advised to use the email services requiring https:// to connect.

About the author:

Ilya Elbert writes for several IT Services NYC and PC Repair NYC corporations.

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