Tutorial On Social Engineering Technique & Its Types

Hello everyone!! In this tutorial, I will explain about well known hacking technique social engineering & its types.

Social engineering is an art of human hacking technique of breaking into system for gaining sensitive information or in simple words, to trick people by hackers for their own purpose and revealing the necessary information & it relies heavily on human interaction. But still it's exact explanation does not rely in these words.

Social engineering term was popularized by world's famous hacker & most-wanted computer criminal in the United States in 1995, Kevin Mitnick. A social engineer commonly uses the internet to trick people into revealing sensitive information.

Types of Social Engineering:

Social engineering can be classified into two major categories:
  1. Computer based: Most well known example of computer based social engineering is phishing. It refers to retrieving the desired information by having computer software.
  2. Human based: Human-based social engineering refers to retrieving the desired information by having person-to-person interaction. What you need to use is only your brain, you don't need any tool. So don't share your personal information while chatting with someone even your known.
Real life examples on social engineering: For real life examples, download Ghost in the wires by Kevin Mitnick who has very well represented the technique of social engineering.

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