Tutorial On Steganography Hacking Technique (Information Hiding)

Steganography is the hacking technique to place text or any other content behind the images, this is generally performed by the terrorists to hide the secret messages behind the images and conveying the message via sending the Image via Internet. So how it works let's take a look, follow these steps:
  • Let us say we have two files named image.jpg and hello.txt.
  • So for hiding the text behind the image, go to start> run> Type cmd
  • In command prompt, Type "copy /b image.jpg+hello.txt Final.jpg" without quotes. 
  • Final.jpg is the image behind which text file has hidden.
  • So in this way you can hide any contents like rar, exe files.
  • You can also send keylogger to your victim using this way.
Note: For viewing hidden text file Right click on Final.jpg, open it with notepad, go to the end of file, text will be written in last line.

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