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In one of my previous post, I posted about "Sending Emails From Gmail At Any Specific Time Using Boomerang". Similar to it, Right Inbox provide feature to schedule emails in Gmail to be sent later.

Right Inbox is a web service, which lets you schedule emails in Gmail to be sent later. It is very easy to use after a small browser extension is installed. Then, you can start using Right Inbox immediately in the Gmail user interface. A “Send Later” button will be displayed next to the “Send” button when you are on the Compose screen. When you finish writing your email, you can use that button to schedule it for sending. You can select from the options available, such as “in 1 hour,” or “tomorrow morning,” or you can specify an exact time.

Note: It's only for firefox & chrome users.

Right Inbox handles delivery automatically according to the time you have specified. The user does not need to keep the browser or computer open. When you schedule a date for an email, it is placed in your Drafts folder with its subject line indicating that it is scheduled to be sent at a certain time. The email will wait in your Drafts folder until its delivery time comes. When it is sent, the time indicator in the subject line will be removed and only the original subject line will remain.

When your email is sent automatically, it is placed in your Sent folder, as with any other sent email. If an error occurs during delivery, it will remain in your Drafts folder, and you will be notified of the error.

At any time before it is sent, you can go into your Drafts folder and re-schedule a scheduled email. Simply open up your Draft and select the “Send Later” button as before, then choose again from the options.

Right Inbox does not have access to your Gmail password. Right Inbox works with regular OAuth authorization under your supervision. You can always revoke Right Inbox’s access to your Gmail account. To be able to send your scheduled messages, we only hold message IDs, which are text files containing random identification strings with a value of nothing. If you ever decide to leave Right Inbox, nothing connected with you will remain with us.

Right Inbox is free throughout our Beta progress. We will introduce affordable monthly fees later on. But we will always have free plan as a starter package. Also there will be many options where you can earn free credits etc.

Procedure to installing Right Inbox for firefox & chrome users:

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