Free Recharge Your Mobile Using EmbeePay Facebook Application (100% Working)

Free Recharge Your Mobile
Hi friends, I have something interesting for you. Well first of all thanks to my friend Pawan for sharing this wonderful application. Yesterday I got a free BSNL top up of 110. I will tell you each step how can you recharge your mobile free. Before continue, who thinks it's scam or else, can stop reading this post now. I got 110 top up yesterday & have only this screenshot as proof. Some of my friends also got benefit from this application.

Free Recharge Your Mobile

EmbeePay is a facebook application which is the social way to get free mobile recharge. Even you can redeem your points using any gift cards, but I recommend to redeem it using Top up your mobile. Now come to procedure, follow these steps:
  • Login to your facebook account.
  • Go to EmbeePay application by clicking here.
  • Sign Up using your valid phone number, country & carrier.
  • After Sign Up, you will get 50 EmbeePay points.
  • For hiding mobile number from other users, go to Home> Overview> Click on Change Settings> Under Current Settings> Check "Hide Phone Number From Friends". So you should not worry about your phone number privacy.
  • Now click on Validate Now & get more 50 EmbeePay points by confirming your mobile number.
  • Now go to Earn tab & click on Signup for Email Alerts, verify you Email & you will get 50 more points.
  • Now your EmbeePay points will reach to 150.
  • Come back to Home tab, you will see "Share Reward" under Feature Paycheck of 20 points.
  • Next step is to get more points by inviting your 5 friends or completing the Offers.
  • Your 5 friends must be registered, only inviting is not enough.
  • For inviting, go to Friends tab> Invites & add up to 12 friends.
  • You can also refer to friends using referral link.
Note: The referred members must be in your friend list otherwise you will not get points.
  • For checking whether your friends has registered or not, go to Friends> Invites> Click on Invite History (On top right side). You will see something like it:

    EmbeePay Registration
  • When your five friends will be registered, again go to Friends> Invites> Check Rewards (On top right side) & claim your points.
  • Now go to Redeem tab & choose the Top up using your points.
  • For more, go to Earn tab, here you can see more offers. Just complete the offers with conditions as specified with each offer & if u don't get points after completing the offers, then contact to customer support with your screen shots as proof.
Note: It would be in your mind, why we can't get Top up of 150 or 160 points. You must be premium member for accessing this feature. So I recommend to get 300 points atleast. 

For any query, check Help section or you can contact to Customer Support at

Update: Total received  ₹ 495 top up till end of the august & I recommend not to go with Airtel as some of my friends are not getting recharge.

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please give your mobile number ill call you other wise you call me mine fone no 9573436379

May 21, 2013 at 10:07 AM delete

@J v sumanth chowdary: Dear, I have made contact form for this purpose! I'm not here for phone support. You can ask any query there or over contact form!

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Thank you for your comment.