Some Useful Windows 7 Hacks and Tips

This is a guest post by Kevin Moor.

You recently upgraded your system to Windows 7, fell in love with the all new taskbar, and enjoyed the power of being able to use the very cool Libraries feature; but now you want to have some more. Is that right? If your answer is yes, you would be happy to learn that you are at right place. Here are some hacks, tips and tricks that would make your Windows 7 even more fun.

Remove Unwanted Programs From “Open with”

It is possible to remove all unwanted programs that appear every time you click on ‘Open with” option. To do that click on Start button, type regedit and press enter. This would open the system registry explorer. In the displayed window browse to HKEY_CLASSES_ ROOT > Applications; now you would be able to see a list of programs that are installed on your computer as subkeys.

In order to remove a program you do not want, right click on it and Choose New > String Value, and name it as "NoOpenWith".

Send To Expansion

Usually, you see only a limited number of choices on right clicking a folder and file and selecting “Send To”. However, when you hold down the Shift key as you right click, and then select “Send To”, you would be displayed an expanded menu containing Downloads, My Documents, and other useful locations.

Folder Toolbar

With this tweak, you would be able to turn any folder into a toolbar, which would give you an easy and quick access to the contents of that folder. 

To do that, you would need to minimize all the open windows as the first thing. Next, you will have to move your mouse pointer to the Taskbar and then right-click it. Now, you should choose Toolbars from the displayed window and then select New Toolbar. This would launch the New Toolbar dialog.

Now you can browse to the folder you want to be used as a toolbar. Click OK to have your newly created toolbar appear as a button on Taskbar. 

Active Windows

You can press Alt and Esc keys together to cycle through all the active items in the order you opened them and then you can press Alt plus Tab to select the window you want to work on. 

Best Performance

To improve your PC performance, you can click on Start button and then right click on Computer; next go to Properties > Advanced system settings. Under Performance, click on Settings > Visual Effects. Select "Adjust for best performance".

Quick Access To Task Manager

Most of the users only know one way of accessing Task Manager and that is through pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del. However, there is a faster way to access it: right click on Taskbar and then choose Task Manager.

Change User Picture

To change the picture that appears next to your user name, click on Start button and click on top of your user picture. A dialog box will appear and select the option “Change your picture” from here; then you would be able to browse for pictures and select the picture you want to be used as your user picture and click OK to confirm.

Create Keyboard Shortcuts For Frequently Used Programs

Did you know Windows 7 allow you to create a keyboard shortcut for practically any program? To do so, you would need to right click on the program icon and select properties from the context menu that appears. Now you need to select the Shortcut tab and click on Shortcut key, to set your own keyboard shortcut for that particular program.

Search Internet From Start Menu

To enable Internet search from the Start Menu, type and run “GPEDIT.MSC” in the search box. This would start the Group Policy Editor. In the left pane of the window, you would see User Configuration; click here and then select Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar. In the right side of the pane, right-click to Edit & Enable Add Search Internet link to Start Menu.

About the author:

This article is provided by Kevin Moor who writes for different sites, which inter alias are working to find perfect uninstaller.

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