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Posted by Harwinder Kumar at 6/21/2011 Posted in:

Hi Linux lovers!! listing some cool linux commands, mostly among you must have heard about these commands. But these all are for newbie. First open your terminal, now run these commands:
  • w: For checking who is login.
  • uptime: How long user have been logged in.
  • pwd: Stands for Present Working Directory, will show the present directory in which you are working.
  • which: Will show the directory location of any file (for e.g. entering which ls will display you directory location as /bin/ls)
  • du: Determine the disk utilization (for e.g. entering du -sh will display the total amount of space being used by all the files and directories in PWD).
  • df: displays the amount of free space (for e.g. df -h, df -l)
  • uname: Show OS name. (Also try uname -m, uname -n , uname -r , uname -s, uname -v)
Note: These all are case sensitive.
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