5WordPress Security: Securing Sites From Hackers / Future Attacks

WordPress Security
As WordPress is the most popular CMS available on the web but also vulnerable to threats if we don't follow the necessary security measures.

In one of previous guest post, Sarah Rexman mentioned some tips about securing WordPress and in this post I'm gonna share my own experience. While working as freelancer on oDesk, Elance and Freelancer; clients always have issues about securing their sites from hackers and ask about how to prevent from future attacks. So consider these points to secure your WordPress site for now and future:
  • Keep your WordPress up to date. Latest stable version is 3.9.1 released on 8th May, 2014.
  • Keep your all plugins, themes up to date.
  • Always keep backup of your database, files and make it update after some interval.
  • If site has been compromised, then you must change your salt keys from your wp-config.php file under root directory. You can generate new keys from here. It will force all users to have to log in again.
  • Change your all passwords associated with site at regular interval.
  • Use strong passwords for all logins. Include the mixture of atleast one uppercase letter, lowercase letter, special character, number.
  • Change your WP-Admin username from admin to some other name.
  • Change database prefix from wp_ to some other complicated characters.
  • Make sure timthumb script is updated if your site using it. For outdated script, use Timthumb Vulnerability Scanner plugin to patch.
  • Use plugins after testing it properly. Going through plugin review, Google search will let you know about the reputation of the plugin.
  • Keep track of latest visitors through log files for tracking site users. If you find any suspicious activity at any particular time, then logs files might help you to know a bit about the attacker.
  • Change permissions for .htaccess, wp-config.php, themes main files to 444.
  • Proper file permissions for other files and folders. Best practice is to use 644 for files and 755 for folders.
  • Keep your own system virus free.
  • Always try accessing the site credentials from your own system only.
  • Validate all user inputs  like URL, image uploads etc.
  • Keep track of WP-Admin, FTP accounts user section for any unauthorized user.
  • You can also use Wordfence plugin to monitor from malicious scripts.
  • Put some security to the server on which your site is hosted, either it hosted on dedicated or a shared server.
  • Keep updated with latest vulnerabilities.
Is your own site get infected with malware/virus, contact me through contact form to get rid of malware with future security implementation. In some cases, site might be hit by pharma hack, you can check it either through site content or by searching your site on Google with query "site:example.com pharma"

Having any further issue? Please comment down!
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0Best Server Hardware And Network Solution For Your Business

The serverclub.com is a provider of server hardware and network plans. Just from its name you can understand the specialty of this website:dedicated server services. As why in our modern days the Internet is everything especially for our work, many of companies, web designers, businessmen or bloggers have enjoyed the advantages of the dedicated servers. 

These servers allow other people to browse your website on the internet. This storage of this data on servers is called hosting. Some people to decrease their costs host their data in shared servers but sometimes have to deal with problems like the server overloading. So, that’s the reason the big companies and the website owners prefer the dedicated servers.

Dedicated Server
The ServerClub can provide you exactly this dedicated server hosting. The site provides the best hardware and software services and also very good and useful customer support, all these in very low prices. In additional are available two very profitable offers: to refer a friend and to become a reseller which in simple words means that when for example you recommend the ServerClub services to your friends then you will get the 10% of the rent bill of their server plan every month for the lifetime of their contract. You can also sell servers from your website gaining the 20% of the sales. 

ServerClub Features:

  • Environmentally friendly technologies and power saving systems at the servers host which help the costs cutting.
  • Reliable hardware combined with amazing bandwidth = perfect hosting.
  • Excellent customer support service.
  • Backup server available in case of failure or overload.
  • Customization of plans and extra requirements depend on the needs.
  • High quality servers (instant setup of Dell’s premium servers with Xeon processors and hardware RAID, the IP network is designed by Cisco)

In Conclusion

ServerClub provides all the services which are required to set up dedicated hosting with the best possible features at logical rates. So if you are thinking to switch to dedicated hosting, you are highly recommended totake look onthe ServerClub.
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1How To Create Your Own Website For Free With uCoz?

The www.ucoz.com is a unique website which allows you to build your site easily, for free. It gives you the ability to create a multi-functional website for every topic you want. Either you are a professional or you just want to create a site for your personal purposes have in mind that with the ucoz you have the ability to create a page with your own unique style.

How it Works?

The uCoz allows you to create your page from a large number of template options for a functional and interactive site. But it’s good to keep in mind that is a free web builder so do not wait to get the functionality of a paid one. Although the ucoz is a site which gets closer to a paid website planning than the rest of its kind. It is the ideal helper to create your own website for free like personal homepages, online stores, portals, fan sites, blogs and communities, educational and governmental websites and many more.

uCoz Free Site
Except offering the typical features to Content Management Systems like the database of site users with division into groups or the RSS import and export, also offers some unique features as special template language which allows you to check different conditions when generating pages,template builder which allows to completely change the design in a very effective way and possibility to extend your website functionality with the help of PHP or third database servers like MySQL and API. It doesn’t require installation, offers many different templates in its template store and a variety of modules, tools and features as well to give your page a sense of your own personality. The good is that uCoz is suitable for both newbies and experienced professionals.

Why Choose uCoz?

uCoz has a very good background as works for 7 years already and has over 1.200.000 active websites with more than 100 million page views daily and the most important: error free. Also, it provides free Web hosting with unlimited space. It is not possible to summarize up everything in one article. But one you have to keep in mind: uCoz provides a free and easy to use service for people who want to create their own page with their own personality and to enjoy the many advantages of using a multi-functional website for their work, to exhibit their art, to express their ideas or just to have fun. Absolutely recommended!
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0Cheap And Quality Downloads For Music Addicts

What is the most remarkable difference between www.iomoio.com and the other download music sites? Of course, the price! You can download a track you like only for $0.16 with all taxes included in this price. You only pay for the purchased music and the site do not charge any extra or hidden fees. You just have to create an account and add an one-time payment for $16! You can add money using PayPal, Visa or MasterCard. In additional, there are available very attractive discounts and special promotions!

Extra Benefits and Bonuses on Deposits:

$32 + $12 Bonus
$48 + $26 Bonus
$96 + $76 Bonus

You might think how can be so cheap and concurrently legal. This is why the site’s licensing body is located outside the United States, so it’s not bounded by the $0.99 per track regulation of the RIAA.

Easy to Use and Safe

It’s very easy to find a track as when you enter the site, there is a search engine and also you can search by categories as artists, albums etc. Iomoio has more than 1,600,000 tracks and over 56,000 artists around its database. When finding the tracks you want, simply purchase them and download them from the Downloads page. It’s not necessary to spend your money for free. Before purchasing a track you can have a 60 seconds preview of it and then decide!

The site through its help desk guarantees that your payment data is transferred through closed bank networks with the highest level of security. Site uses the protocol SSL 3.0, server certificate (128 bit)to prevent unauthorized access to your information.

In Conclusion

With the iomoio.com you can download the mp3 songs you love absolutely free of unwelcome viruses and 100% legally only for $0.16! This site offers to its visitors simplicity and a wide range of music data which is every day updated with the latest tracks. The only you have to do is just to create an account and start to shake with the rhythm of your music!
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0All For Your Smartphone Just In One Site - General-play.com

You hold in your hands your lovely smartphone but do you know what makes the smartphones to distinguish from the rest applies? The mobile apps! You have the ability to boost your smartphone with your favorite apps just in a few minutes through the General play. Entering www.general-play.com, you can install games, useful apps even tips how to cook a chicken! 


What is the General play?


General play is a search engine for apps for every type of smartphone.

General Play
There are thousands of mobile apps free or paid to choose like over 740000 appsfor iOS (Apple devices), over 882000 apps for Android, over 102500 apps for Windows, over 232500 apps for Blackberry and many others for all the operating systems devices.
Check the categories of the apps which are provided in this interesting site:
  • Books & Reference
  • Business
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Food & Drink
  • Games
  • Health & Fitness
  • Kids & Family
  • Lifestyle
  • Media & Video & Photo
  • Medical
  • Navigation & Travel
  • News & Magazines
  • Other
  • Social Networking
  • Sports
  • Themes
  • Tools & Productivity
  • Utilities
  • Weather
You can search from the provided categories or just to type a keyword gaining numerous results to choose the one you like. If you are from the people who love technology, enjoy different apps in their free time or search for useful apps, it’s sure that you will love this site.


Some features of the General play:

  • You can download from wallpapers to music, recipes and many more others.
  • You can download both free and paid files.
  • Before you download an app, you have the chance to be informed by an extended description about it.
  • You are able to do the most efficient search in most convenient way.
  • Simple design and very easy to use.
It’s pretty funny as well very useful! So build the personality of your mobile device through the mobile apps from General play. Sure you will bookmark this site as one of your favorites. It’s absolutely recommended for its rich variety and its great simplicity.
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