Some Cool Commands For Linux Users

Hi Linux lovers!! listing some cool linux commands, mostly among you must have heard about these commands. But these all are for newbie. First open your terminal, now run these commands:
  • w: For checking who is login.
  • uptime: How long user have been logged in.
  • pwd: Stands for Present Working Directory, will show the present directory in which you are working.
  • which: Will show the directory location of any file (for e.g. entering which ls will display you directory location as /bin/ls)
  • du: Determine the disk utilization (for e.g. entering du -sh will display the total amount of space being used by all the files and directories in PWD).
  • df: displays the amount of free space (for e.g. df -h, df -l)
  • uname: Show OS name. (Also try uname -m, uname -n , uname -r , uname -s, uname -v)
Note: These all are case sensitive.

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