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The is a provider of server hardware and network plans. Just from its name you can understand the specialty of this website:dedicated server services. As why in our modern days the Internet is everything especially for our work, many of companies, web designers, businessmen or bloggers have enjoyed the advantages of the dedicated servers. 

These servers allow other people to browse your website on the internet. This storage of this data on servers is called hosting. Some people to decrease their costs host their data in shared servers but sometimes have to deal with problems like the server overloading. So, that’s the reason the big companies and the website owners prefer the dedicated servers.

Dedicated Server
The ServerClub can provide you exactly this dedicated server hosting. The site provides the best hardware and software services and also very good and useful customer support, all these in very low prices. In additional are available two very profitable offers: to refer a friend and to become a reseller which in simple words means that when for example you recommend the ServerClub services to your friends then you will get the 10% of the rent bill of their server plan every month for the lifetime of their contract. You can also sell servers from your website gaining the 20% of the sales. 

ServerClub Features:

  • Environmentally friendly technologies and power saving systems at the servers host which help the costs cutting.
  • Reliable hardware combined with amazing bandwidth = perfect hosting.
  • Excellent customer support service.
  • Backup server available in case of failure or overload.
  • Customization of plans and extra requirements depend on the needs.
  • High quality servers (instant setup of Dell’s premium servers with Xeon processors and hardware RAID, the IP network is designed by Cisco)

In Conclusion

ServerClub provides all the services which are required to set up dedicated hosting with the best possible features at logical rates. So if you are thinking to switch to dedicated hosting, you are highly recommended totake look onthe ServerClub.

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