Fun With Google! Some More Cool Google Tricks

Google Fun Tricks
Hi! Last 2 months remained too hard for my site as it has affected by Google Penguin badly. I’m trying to recover from it and waiting for the next penguin update.

I have written about 10 funny Google tricks and some useful Google dorks before and today I’m adding some more funny Google tricks. Check out the list:
  • Recursion
    • Type ‘recursion’ in Google search and check out the suggestion query.
  • Google Tilt & Askew
    • Type ‘tilt’ or ‘askew’ in Google search, you will see Google search window to be tilted to the right side.
  • Google Axis
    • Type ‘google axis’ in Google search and click on the first link.

  • Google Sink
    • Type ‘pacman’ in Google search and click on the first link Alternate:
  • Ninja
    • Go to Google Reader, then press arrows keys ‘up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right,’ followed by alphabets ‘b, a’. A ninja will pop-up with a search box.

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