List Of Some Common Google Dorks

As we all know Google is the major search engine in the world, but we must be aware about how to retrieve some deep information from it, check out list of some useful Google dorks:
  • Intitle: Searches the text in the title of the Website. 
  • Inurl: Finding the text in the URL of the Website. 
  • Filetype: Searching for Files of a Specific Type. 
  • Site: To narrow the Search to Specific Sites.  
  • Info: Will show a page containing links to related searches, backlinks, and pages. 
  • Link: Lists other pages that link to the URL.  
  • Related: Lists other pages that are related to the URL. 
  • Define: To get definition of any topic. 
  • Time: Will Display time of entered country/city.
  • Weather: Will show the current weather about any country/city.

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