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Each year brings a new onslaught of technical gadgets meant to appeal to our need to play with all things electronic. This year is no different. In 2012, the tablet computers will be sweeter, the laptops thinner and the phones are going to get even smarter. Apple, Samsung and Nintendo are all promising to make this a highly-charged year in the world of technology. Let’s take a closer look at five of the best-of-the-best gadgets that will hit the market in 2012.

iPad 3

iPad 3 is already making waves from a company known for creating some of the most innovative gadgets, Apple Inc. iPad 3 is the third generation of Apple’s tablet computer. The big news for iPad lovers in this third generation release is the retinal display. Computer screens are made up of pixels, or small dots of color that combine together to create an image. The more pixels the screen has the better the image. A high-definition screen has more pixels than a standard monitor. The iPad 3 display has four times as many pixels as its predecessor. This means added clarity for every image that appears on the iPad 3 regardless of format. The iPad 3 has a faster processor and more advanced hardware along with a display that is crisper than the other tablets available.

Nintendo Wii U

The news coming from Nintendo is this is the year we will see the newest in their line of game consoles. The Nintendo Wii U is their sixth offering of home gaming consoles. Features include high-definition graphics so games look even more realistic. One key change you can look for in the Wii U is the embedded touchscreen that allows you to keep playing a game directly on the console; no television required. The new generation of Wii will be backwards compatible with all the games and accessories of the previous versions. If you own a Wii Remote or any of the sensor features like the pad or board, they will work with Wii U.


Laptops have been getting thinner each year and 2012 will see some of the thinnest notebooks yet. Ultrabooks are not really a brand, but a concept that manufacturers can expand on in 2012. These thin, light laptops contain processors from Intel, but come from a variety of companies such as Acer and Dell. The goal is to compete with the lightweight tablets that are hitting the market. An Ultrabook is just as transportable as the tablets but without the hassle of the touchscreen. In 2012, you will see new laptops that follow this same style. Companies like Dell and Acer need to improve upon the laptops from Apple Inc. With the Ultrabooks, they can offer the same size and features as the MacBook Pro but at a lower cost.

Flexible Screens

Flexible screens are going to be all the rage this year. This is not so much a new gadget as a feature you can expect to see on new releases of old gadgets. Both Nokia and Samsung are promising that 2012 will be their year for the bendable, flexible screen. This may put an end to butt calling your friends when you stick your phone in your back pocket. That is just one advantage to the flex screen. Things you are used to doing with your fingertips on a standard touchscreen can be done with the flick a wrist instead. Flexible screens are going to make smartphones more maneuverable.


Advances to the iPhone are going to have less to do with the hardware and more to do with the accessories. In 2012, there will be an upsurge of iPhone controlled toys. You can play ball with the Sphero or even fly a helicopter with your iPhone. Gamers will be looking for toys that they can remote control from their phones. This is the beginning of what will probably be a new trend. Over the years, that pile of remotes you have around the house for stereos and televisions may become antiques as smartphones become the new universal remote control.

Whether you are a gamer or just someone who loves electronic devices, 2012 may be your year. The challenge facing companies like Apple is to avoid consumer boredom. Every year they produce a new mouse trap that is faster and more innovative than the last. This year promises to see some of the coolest offerings from the world technology yet.

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