Innobuzz - Be Certified Information Security Expert Level 1 v 2.0

Hi everyone! From last couple of days, was busy due to exams. So today I’m back with a new approach. Hacking is illegal for general people, but for me it’s a passion. The reason it is illegal for mostly because they don’t know its exact meaning. Hacking simply means to become perfect in anything. It does not matter what you hack, matters what you acquired from it and keeping in mind that it should be ethical. Well today I come up with a new approach; most of friends have asked about from where to start hacking or what kind of knowledge you need for a start. From my viewpoint, you must have only good knowledge about general computer and internet activities else you would learn by own and in hacking you always have to keep learning.

Mostly people don’t know from where to learn hacking and they always ask “Which is the good organization?” So for my readers, I’m going to tell about an organization named “Innobuzz Knowledge Solutions” that provides a platform for newbie from where they can start learning ethical hacking. Innobuzz is the leading Ethical Hacking Indian Company which has been providing training and knowledge based solutions. The main activity of Innobuzz is providing training on Information Security, which is delivered to its audience all over the world via Computer Based Training Programs, Onsite Training Programs and Company Owned learning centers and the reason why it’s better because it provides a platform from where even a newbie can start learning the core concept of hacking in details and can represent him/her as professional hacker.

Demand of ethical hackers is increasingly rapidly worldwide, so Innobuzz is a platform for you all to come ahead and representing the IT world.

Coming to the course details, after completing the course you will acquire CISE (Certified Information Security Expert) Level 1 v 2.0 certification. CISE is one of the most recognized International certification in Information Security and Ethical Hacking. Course consists of 40 hours duration and it requires only general computer and internet knowledge as I mentioned above for a start in hacking field. You can read more about the course details from here or download CISEv2 Training Brochure from here which includes Training module, company profile and some basic requirements for joining the course.

List of Course Content:
  1. Introduction Chapter
  2. Networking & Basics Chapter
  3. Footprinting Chapter
  4. Google Hacking
  5. Scanning
  6. Windows Hacking
  7. Linux Hacking Chapter
  8. Trojans & Backdoors Chapter
  9. Virus & Worms Chapter
  10. Proxy Server & Packet Filtering Chapter
  11. Denial of Service Chapter
  12. Sniffer Chapter
  13. Social Engineering Chapter
  14. Physical Security Chapter
  15. Steganography Chapter
  16. Cryptography Chapter
  17. Wireless Hacking
  18. Firewall & Honeypots
  19. IDS & IPS Chapter
  20. Vulnerability Assessment Chapter
  21. Penetration Testing Chapter
  22. Session Hijacking Chapter
  23. Hacking Web Servers Chapter
  24. SQL Injection Chapter
  25. Cross Site Scripting Chapter
  26. Exploit Writing Chapter
  27. Buffer Overflow Chapter
  28. Reverse Engineering Chapter
  29. Email Hacking Chapter
  30. Incident Handling & Response Chapter
  31. Bluetooth Hacking Chapter
  32. Mobile Phone Hacking

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April 9, 2012 at 12:36 PM delete

Nice review but I would like to suggest that EC Council course is far better than this course.

April 12, 2012 at 11:44 AM delete


To compare, you must take both the programs. Have you taken both?

If you have not taken both, your evaluation will be useless.


Thank you for your comment.