Watch Youtube Videos At Any Specific Time

Hello friends!! Today I am posting about how to watch youtube videos at any specific time by adding a little code in the URL.

Like you're watching a movie on youtube, stop at any particular time (like after an hour) for watching later & then close the youtube tab. After a certain time, again come on youtube & have to watch the movie after an hour from the start. For it, you only have to add a little code in the URL.
  • Open any youtube video.
  • Suppose you have to watch the video at 1 min & 10 seconds.
  • For it, add &t=1m10s after the URL in the address bar.
    For e.g.
  • Similarly for large videos/movies, add like &t=1h2m40s
So you just need to remember about the time where you stopped watching the video.

Note: Whatever the URL is, you just have to enter the time parameter at the end of URL like

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