Recovered Hard Disk Data Post ‘Access Denied’ Error

This is a guest post by Oliver Powell.

Last Sunday, I visited one of my college friends after a long time. After talking for sometime, she showed me her laptop which she had bought recently. I was amazed to see wonderful features of Windows 7 in her new laptop. The speech, handwriting, and touch recognition features, compatibility with various file formats, support for virtual file formats, etc wondered me so much that I thought to switch to Windows 7 from Windows XP. But, we cannot control technology flaws as while upgrading from to Windows 7, something went wrong and I lost some of my really precious files saved on the secondary partition of my computer. But, I am very thankful to the latest technology for developing hard disk recovery software by which I recovered all my precious files intact.

However, before I was aware of third-party hard disk data recovery tools, I went into the state of shock for sometime just like anyone who is unaware of these ultimate utilities. Let me narrate the whole incident in detail. I was having Windows XP on my laptop which had two partitions as C: primary partition that contained Windows and D: the secondary partition which I used to store all my data. To upgrade to Windows 7, I decided to perform clean installation on the primary partition of my laptop i.e. on C. Thus, I took the backup of entire data of C on my pen drive expecting that all the data on D partition would remain intact.

Thus, after successful installation of Windows 7, I restarted my computer and tried to access partition D. Alas! To my dismay, partition D was no longer accessible. Though I could see partition D at ‘My Computer’ but could not access it instead getting the below mentioned error message, when accessing it:

“Access Denied – Drive Not Accessible”

Worried, I searched over the internet from my brother’s laptop and found that I could use the below mentioned command on the elevated command prompt of computer to fix this issue:

“takeown /f drive_name:\ /R /D Y”

Where, the drive_name is replaced with the letter of the affected drive such as I used C here. But, this solution didn’t work and I learnt that this problem also occurs due to partition table corruption. And in that case, I needed to delete the corrupted partition and restore data from updated backup. Since, I was not having the backup of D drive but to make it accessible I needed to delete it thus, I again searched for the internet for some hard disk recovery software by which I could recover all the data which would lost due to deletion of partition. My search for hard disk data recovery software stopped when I learned about Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software.

Thus, I deleted the corrupt partition and through this efficient data recovery tool, I recovered all my data in just few clicks. This software is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000 operating systems.

About the author:

Oliver Powell is the famous contributing author and Journalist that writes many more posts for different technology related sites. But now, he would love to write and research on different data recovery software and similar technology to mitigate the risks of Data loss in the case of hardware failure.

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