Hack Facebook Mindjolt Games

Mostly among you would be fan of Facebook Mindjolt games, users from all over the world play mindjolt which has huge collection of games. Ever think about your scores amongst world toppers? I had tried enough in many games but failed to accomplish (Like in Bouncing Balls my score reached hardly to 60000), but after glancing at High Score records for all of Facebook, it was 2147483647 pts. Then one thing came in mind that it's not possible by simple way to make such a huge score, then I got a source tool named Cheat Engine designed to modifying single player games running under windows. For full functionality of cheat engine, check official site of cheat engine http://www.cheatengine.org/

Now the work start from here, follow these steps:
  • Download Cheat Engine from here: Cheat Engine 5.5
  • Open cheat engine & mindjolt game, I chose Bouncing Balls.
  • In cheat engine, find your web browser's process from process list.
Hack Facebook Mindjolt Games

Hack Facebook Mindjolt Games
  • Start playing bouncing balls. Hit the ball to make score(Like I score 250 in first attempt)
  • Now put 250 in value field of cheat engine & click on First Scan.
  • Hit another ball, suppose i scored 500 after 2nd hit.
  • Now put 500 value & then click on Next Scan.
  • On the left side, you will see a list with address & value 500.
  • Click on 500.
  • In the bottom side, you will see a field with attribute frozen, description .....
  • Change the value with 99999999.
  • Now continue playing, in next hit your score will be 99999999.
With a little experience, you can score more & more, but I think you can score maximum only 214748364. I tried for more but then scored converted to NN means 0. With experience how cheat engine works, you can implement it on many other mindjolt games like tower stack, crazzy cabbie etc. Screen shot of my score (2147483647 ) in Bouncing Balls:

Hack Facebook Mindjolt Games

All of Facebook Rank: 25 (Score same with top 24).

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May 20, 2012 at 11:25 AM delete

I tried to hack Facebook game called Super Sixers but failed every time .. I really want to hack this game :) .. Will you please tell me how to do it .. I searched from Google to Youtube but no one took this game as an example for hacking .. So will you please make a small tutorial to hack this particular game if possible :D . THANKS IN ADVANCE!!

May 20, 2012 at 12:45 PM delete

@LAV7Aryan: even i tried a lot, but failed every time, surely will make a tutorial on it if i find any way to crack it :)


Thank you for your comment.