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Favicon stands for Favorite icons. Bookmark this page, If you reload the page, the icon should display in your browser address field in a similar way to the illustration. Changing favicon in blogger sites or blog is not a difficult task. How Favicon look like?

How To Change Favicon Of Blogger Sites?

This is the favicon of my site. Just follow these simple steps for changing the default blogger favicon icon:
  • Select your image and shrink it to 16x16 size. You can shrink it with Adobe Photoshop, MS Office Picture manager or can use any other tool.
  • Save this images as .gif like fav.gif
  • Now upload this image to any photo hosting site, I recommended Photobucket. 
  • URL generated after uploading the image will be like this:
  • Now the next step is to inserting link code in your HTML, Link code:
    <link href='image url' rel='shortcut icon'/>
  • Replace the 'image url' with the url of your image.
  • Link code after replacing the 'image url' with your 'image url' will be like this:
    <link href='http://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc507/username/image.gif' rel='shortcut icon'/>
  • Now login to blogger, go to design tab>Edit HTML
  • Backup your template, find <head> tag by pressing Ctrl+F from keyboard and type <head>.
  • Paste the link code just below the head tag,
  • That's all.
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