Making Things Uncomplicated In Hacking World With ChatWing Chat Software

This is a guest post by Aaron Kong.

ChatWing Hacking
Putting up a site intended to inform people of things they need to know like an online encyclopedia and such is a very good idea of sharing your knowledge to the people who needs it. As such, it is also important that you describe thoroughly these bits of information so these people would easily come to understand it. But sometimes, doing so just won’t cut it since there will always be terms and methods that are totally unheard of to these people. In these cases, you’ll need a tool that can let you engage with your visitors in a more direct manner so you can express your thoughts and ideas to them more clearly – and to do that you need Chatwing chat app.


This chatting tool is very effective in connecting you and your online readers through live chat. It’s easy enough to be embedded into you site in seconds and stable enough to hold out a large number of web traffic chatting simultaneously within the chat room. You don’t have to worry about your chat box not being able to handle large volumes of traffic as it is built specifically for that purpose.

Another good thing about this chat widget is that it’s very lenient in letting your readers gaining access to chat. With its socially integrated log-in mechanism, they are able to log-in using their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo accounts. They can also use their Chatwing accounts (provided they have one) or log-in as guests, if they want chat with you anonymously.

ChatWing App

Having your readers join your chatroom with ease is one of the upbringings of this nifty chat widget. But what separates ChatWing from the others is its ability to comply with its lenience in logging methods. Since it is very easy for other people to join in on your conversations, it can’t be helped that your chat room will fall prey to spammers and other people that post messages which can be damaging to your site’s reputation. But as the admin user, you can prevent all that by using ChatWing’s very effective yet easy-to-use security features.

By simply watching over your chat room, you can easily ban people out of it with a simple click of the mouse and at the same time erase their messages. Or you can use the blacklist tab on the Dashboard to do so or unban people if you think otherwise. Using the word filter can block out profanity in the chat room and you also have the choice of putting moderators who can also watch over the chat room for you.

By properly managing the security for your site you can ensure your chatters that the information they’re receiving is totally credible and legit. And with you explaining the things hard for them to understand like different codes or how to crack games and such, it will be much easier for them to understand those. Having a managed and secured chat room will provide you and your chatters a more fulfilling conversation which will benefit you both.

About the author:

Aaron Kong is an active web developer and technology enthusiast who believes in the power of free speech and open communication. These are the driving principles behind his Chatwing chat software. In his spare time he enjoys playing with new gadgets and testing various open source technology.

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