Security Checks To Be Performed For PHP Web Development

This is a guest post by Nishant.

Security Checks
Web applications have been used today for a higher extent for marketing the products and services provided by various companies and consultants. As there is an increased demand for the web development activity there are also security breeches creeping in internally from the development activity and also from the external market. So, if a developer is developing a web application, he/she should be more careful and should be aware of all the required development techniques which will make the website more secured.

Here are the few suggestions which will help web developers in web applications development more secured way:
  • Most of the time developers will make use of variables for providing the authentication which is very dangerous. These variables can be replaced very easily by the hackers which will make to loose the important data of based on the user roles. At this situation take the complete benefit of PHP where there is “define” functions for providing authentication for the specified role users.
  • The other mistake done by the developers is that not using the escape characters for database queries and urls. They will just use the value of the variable based on the user input. This helps the hackers from accessing the database values. They can make any kind of changes for the database which is not acceptable. One can make use of “addslashes” function which will help to escape the special characters wherever used through out the application.
  • When there are cases of uploading the files, php web developers should be more careful. Commonly for file uploads developers will make use of variables. So as soon as the file is uploaded the PHP script will create a temporary file. This URL can be easily tracked where hackers can make the script to create the file in some other path or also can make the script not to create the file. To ensure the safety of the uploaded files it is highly recommended for the web developers to sue is_uploaded_file and move_uploaded_file methods to ensure that the file is uploaded in the correct path.
  • One more mistake done by the developers is that they will forget to escape the HTML characters. When it happens the visitors can make use of <blink> tag in the comments sections which will make the rest part of the website after the comment section to blink.

Create a best secured website so that business can be executed with ease without any issues externally and also internally.

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