Common Dangers And Instances Of Cell Phone Hacking

This is a guest post by Maria Elena.

In these modern times, cell phones allow you to make calls, send instant messages and emails, surf the web, and even pay your bills. But did you ever think about whether it is safe to do all these things simply through your mobile device? Of course you realize that all these activities require you to input valuable and personal information.  This can become a usual target for most hackers. However, with the convenience that using a cell phone brings, a lot of people tend to neglect thoughts of hacking.

It is important to know that by simply using Bluetooth or wireless connections, hackers can easily access your cell phone even without physical contact. They can listen to your calls and use your personal information for various functions such as online banking or shopping. These possibilities can put your identity and your safety at risk.

Even though newer phone models no longer come with default PIN’s, the way you select your digits can also lead to cell phone hacking. It is for this reason that most cell phone users are advised not to use birthdays and other relevant information as access or security codes.

Other than these instances, your social media accounts may also become an entry point for cell phone hackers. Most of these sites display personal information including profile photos, birthdays, cell phone numbers and addresses. Some updates even include your recent location or appointments. Through these type of data, hackers can get to you with minimal effort.

Tips for Avoiding Cell Phone Hacking

Most cell phone hacking incidents occur when you use an international calling service through a GSM mobile phone. This service makes use of a SIM card which allows your phone to establish a connection with a wireless carrier in the vicinity. As you know, hackers take advantage of wireless access. Therefore, you have to avoid displaying valuable data when using WIFI services.

When visiting other countries, cell phone users are provided with an option to choose a prepaid international calling service over other types of international calling service. Prepaid international calling services do not require any contracts or any hidden fees. It also does not require you to remember any PIN codes. Since the prepaid international calling service expires once the prepaid SIM is out of credit lines, hackers will not have the chance to access your cell phone and keep track of your activities and other important information.

Though using a prepaid international calling service is one of the best options for avoiding cell phone hacking, you can increase your level of protection through other options. If you do not wish hackers to intrude or intercept in your conversations, keep your cell phone secured.

Hackers make use of various techniques to access other people’s cell phones. When using an international calling service, they can intercept your calls or send messages and emails with malware, spyware or other infectious software that can be installed into your phone. Handsets cloning as well as caller ID spoofing are other hacking techniques that you should watch out for. With these techniques, an incoming call may appear from someone you know but it actually isn't.

With the potential threat cell phone hacking may cause, it is important that you remain cautious at all times. Set up PIN codes or passwords that are not easy to break into. Refrain from using WIFI services and do not download any applications from unknown or unsafe sources. If your phone has been hacked, it is best to contact your phone company. For prepaid users, discharge your battery or simply get rid of the SIM that you are using. All these tips can help you avoid losing valuable information to hackers when you use your cell phones to access your accounts. This way, you won’t be taken by surprise.

About the author:

Maria Elena, is Content Marketing Editor with Pingo. Pingo is a prepaid calling service that offers great rates on international and domestic long distance calls along with unbeatable quality, simplicity and convenience. Pingo offers 100% call quality and money back guarantee to ensure a risk free service that you can rely on. Pingo works great with your Smartphone with the Pingo EZ Dial app that brings your contact’s phone number right at your finger tips while also saving you money and rewarding you for trying it!

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