5 Amazing Android Apps For Programming

This is a guest post by Ashlee McCullen.

For years, programming was an activity I didn’t perform much of anywhere other than on my trusted laptop. However, that laptop isn’t always with me, and sometimes I just don’t want to wait for it to boot up when I need to make a simple edit or adjustment. Fortunately, I’ve found a group of fantastic apps that I’ve been using to program on my T-Mobile Samsung phones and my trusted tablet. Here are some of my favorite mobile apps for code monkeys:
  • DeuterIDE: This amazing editor offers support for a mind-boggling long list of languages, from HTML to Fortran. Even so, it’s a zippy, lightweight app that’s ideal for tablets. Features include syntax highlighting and support for cloud storage service Dropbox. ($4.99)

  • DroidEdit Pro: DroidEdit includes both free and pro versions. Both support the most common languages and offer syntax highlighting plus useful keyboard shortcuts. The Pro version also has support for Dropbox, SFTP, and some customizations. ($1.69)

  • AIDE – Android Java IDE: The beauty of this app is that you can make and test Android apps right on your Android device. You’ll find support for the full programming process with this amazing Java app: coding, compiling, and running. Plus, bonuses like error correction help you save time. (Free)

  • C4Droid (C/C++ Compiler): If you program in either C++ or C, this handy app provides robust tools for compiling, right on your phone. ($1.50)

  • C++ Programming Reference Free: Finally, I’ll recommend one more C++ app. C++ Programming offers both a searchable reference of common C++ syntax and lessons in the powerful language. If you’re programming on a desktop, it’s handy to keep this app open as a second screen for reference. (Free)

These are just a few of my favorite apps, but I know there are many I’ve left out. What are your favorites?

About the author:

Ashlee McCullen is a staff writer for ApronAddicts.com, a website about kitchen fashion and home style. She also writes about mobile technology and self-improvement.

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