10 Tips To Secure Your Computer From Internet Threats

This is a guest post by Joel Cordle.

Here are 10 good tips to help secure your computer from internet threats.

Computer Security
  1. Back-up your files: A main threat from internet viruses is losing all your data. While backing up doesn’t secure your computer it gives you the peace of mind that lets you be smart enough to secure your computer. Back-up regularly.
  2. Get good antivirus software: Free ones in combination or a yearly subscription. Just do it.
  3. Use a firewall: Most computer packages include a firewall when you buy them. Remember that a firewall is a virtual wall between incoming threats and your computer.
  4. Do a virus scan: Many experts say that weekly virus scans are best. Set your antivirus software to remind you when it’s time for the weekly check-up.
  5. Make sure you have an incoming email scan: Most likely all of your incoming emails are scanned by your antivirus program. When you double click on an attachment to open it you should get a quick “No Virus Detected” message before you download.
  6. Beware of free programs:Viruses seem to be especially fond of piggybacking on free programs, share-ware, and forwarded downloads. Be extra careful to scan anything you are not paying for.
  7. Update your web browser: When you download the newest web browser updates (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) you can automatically check security updates.
  8. Don’t let your email automatically open messages.It used to be common that when you deleted an email the next email in your inbox popped open automatically. Configure your email so you only open those you want.
  9. Don’t open emails without a subject line (unless you are expecting it and you know who it is from): People know viruses are an issue. Your friends will put a subject in the subject line if they know that’s the only way you open your email.
  10. Don’t open any emails that sound overly urgent (from an unknown source): If your credit card is being used too much in one day your credit card company is not going to email me to ask you to urgently call them. Your doctor isn't going to tell you it is vital that you resend him your personal information. Your acquaintance friend is not going to email you to say she is stuck in Africa and you are the only person she can trust to wire her money, just please don’t tell her parents. If something is urgent companies (and friends) will contact you by phone. Don’t open an email just because the subject line says urgent, must open.
Internet Security
One day maybe we’ll have a cure for cancer, a cure for computer viruses, and less internet threats to worry about. In the meantime, use your common sense, take proper precautions, and back-up your important info.

About the author:

Joel Cordle, is the Marketing lead at Idea Design Studio. Idea Design Studio is a product development firm that specializes in top-of-the-line design work for inventors. If you have any question on how to get invention help just contact Idea Design Studio.

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