My Inspiration Of Entire Life "Rahul Dravid - The Wall Of India" Left Cricket

Rahul Dravid
Celebrating after Adelaide win (2003)
Remembering the time when he played 145 knock against Srilanka in 1999 WC, 233 (a marathon inning of approx. 10 hours) and 72* in Adelaide 2003 against Australia which helped India to seal their first victory after 20 years in Australia, made a historical partnership with Very Very Special Laxman in 2001 against Australia, and the time when his wicket remained mystery for the whole world.

Yesterday I shocked after knowing his retirement from the cricket. It made me sad and to the whole cricket world. End of his career means end of cricket's one era. No one in the world can replace him and it's almost impossible to occupy his no. 3 batting place in cricket. Without his presence, test cricket would remain incomplete forever, especially no. 3 batting position.

Rahul Dravid
Good Bye!
He's my inspiration of entire life! What I acquired in my nature just because of him who always remained cool in his entire career, I often call him by name "touch". His words "I like to play under pressure", inspire me always.

What's best in him is patience and dedication towards cricket. He's more than a best technical batsman in the cricket! A former captain, wicketkeeper, best sleep fielder, who could play at any position, a gentleman, dependable person and a great human being.

If Sachin Tendulkar had not been born in India, then Rahul Dravid could be the most famous in India. As I think, "To be a part of world up winning team" was only his unfulfilled dream and I missed him in the whole world cup. Still no one could justify with his number 3 batting position in ODI too.

Rahul Dravid
It could be great if he had announced his retirement to before of one last match, but here's not any test match for team India in coming months and he knew well when to retire.

It's only my tribute to him on his retirement else what this legend player is for me I can't express in words! You're the true legend. My wish is to meet him once in life and I know I would succeed in it! Cricket world would definitely miss his services what he has given to it.

Wish him a successful life ahead and you would always remain my idol. Without your appearance,  no more test cricket and after Sachin's retirement it would be full stop on the cricket.

Good bye!

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