How To Complaint Blogger & WordPress About Copyrighted Content Of Sites?

Hello everyone!! In this post, I'm gonna explain about reporting Blogger and WordPress about copyright content of your site (without any charge) just by filling a DMCA form. What is DMCA? DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is a copyright law that control access to copyrighted works. So if you find any suspicious link from some other other website who is copying your posts, you can file a report to that website's hosting provider. Well if the infringing site's hosting provider is Blogger (Google's service) or WordPress, you can file a report without any charge, I don't know about other hosting providers, but mostly don't provide this service for free. You can get a better idea about it from DMCA's official website. The reason I'm telling here about blogger (Google's service) and WordPress is that these two provide the best blogging sites.

Coming back to post, let's follow the procedure to complaint Blogger and WordPress about copyrighted content:

For infringing Blogger URLs:
  • Login to your Google (Gmail) account.
  • Go to the link by clicking here.  
Note: Before continuing, ask the owner of infringing URLs to remove the copyrighted content.
  • Under "What Google product does your request relate to?", choose Blogger/Blogspot.
  • In next column, specify the nature of your request.
  • Choose "I have found content that may violate my copyright".
  • In next column, choose whether you're copyright owner or authorized to act on owner's behalf.
  • Read the Important notice and after reading, check Yes under "I have read the above and wish to proceed".
  • Choose your infringing work, choose Text.
  • Again read the following instructions before continue.
  • After reading instructions, click on "this form" written in last line of instructions.
  • Under "Complainant's information", provide your correct information. 
Note: I recommend to enter your site's email address under "Contact email address" if you've otherwise proceed with your Gmail account.
  • Under "Your Copyrighted Work":
    • Under "Where can we see an authorized example of the work?", mention your copyright URL (one per line) like (in case of Blogger) 
    Note: It's not mandatory for copyright URLs to be hosted by Blogger.
    • Describe about your copyrighted work under "Identify and describe the copyrighted work".
  • Under "Allegedly Infringing Material", 
    • Under "Location of the allegedly infringing material", write URL of the posts where the infringing content is located.
  • Under "Sworn Statements", check both fields.
  • Put your signature and read the "Account Disabling" section.
  • Click Submit and you've done.
  • You will receive a confirmation email and Blogger team will reply to you within 2-3 business days.
  • During this time, Blogger team will ask owner of infringing URLs owner remove infringement contents otherwise Google may remove the whole blog from search and even can suspend the site as they mentioned in "Account Disabling" section.
  • Screenshots showing consequences of whole work I described above:

Blogger Copyright Complaint
Confirmation mail

Blogger Copyright Work
Mail received after 2 days about removing infringing URLs.

Note: Following same procedure, you can report to Google about other copyrighted Google products too.

For infringing WordPress URLs:
  • Go to the link by clicking here.
  • The whole procedure and complaint form is given here.
Note: Only reason behind this post is to make aware public about DMCA. Newbie register their free blog using blogger/wordpress and start copying posts from other sites (because they want more traffic) and even they don't remove content after responding from copyrighted owner. Some of my friends had lost their sites in it's unawareness even their sites were getting good traffic.

So write your own words, and even if you find any relevant information from other sites, then try to publish it in your own wording. It would definitely enhance your knowledge. Hope you understand and have a nice weekend!!

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    Wow, I didn't know that this service was available. Thanks for letting me know!


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