Trick For Displaying Only Off In DOS Window

Users who have little knowledge about Batch file programming, will be familiar with the Echo command. As Echo command is used for displaying any text in the DOS windows (Like entering echo Crack The Hack in DOS will display Crack The Hack). Have you ever tried to display Off using this command?

When you will execute command as echo off , it will display nothing. Reason behind is that by using @echo off command in batch programming, the command prompt does not appear on your screen. The @ symbol before the ECHO command means that the ECHO command will stay throughout the whole batch file unless turned on again. Without the @, it will only apply to the command directly after it. Coming back to the topic, users can't display Off in DOS window with echo off command directly. Here's a simple trick for displaying Off in DOS window:

Just Enter echo;Off in DOS, it will display Off in DOS window. 

You can also try the following:
  • echo:off
  • echo,off
  • echo/off

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