Reset Your Lost BIOS Password Without Removing The CMOS Battery

In my last post, I explained about How to bypass BIOS password by removing CMOS battery. Now I'm telling you one more trick to reset it without removing CMOS battery.

Follow these steps:
  • Restart your computer in MS-DOS mode.
  • When you get to the C:\> or C:\WINDOWS> command prompt, type DEBUG and press Enter.
  • A hyphen (-) prompt will appear waiting for you to enter commands.
  • Enter the following commands, pressing Enter after each one. Note: the o is the letter o and stands for OUTPUT.
  • o 70 2e 
  • o 71 ff
  • q
  • After the q command (which stands for QUIT), enter Exit.
Then try to enter your BIOS at bootup. The password prompt should now be gone and you should now have full access to it again. However, you will now be at the default BIOS settings and may want to change them to your preference.

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