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Are you looking for a skillful and trusted ethical hacking specialist, but haven’t found anyone as of yet? Chill out and look no further! I’m a professional Indian freelancer security expert offer services in offer services in Malware/Virus Removal, Ethical Hacking/Internet Security, WordPress Speed Optimization, Site TransferWordPress Development, Linux Server Administration,  Zen Cart/Drupal/Joomla Upgrade.

Over the last 10 years, I have worked on 4000+ sites security (cleaning from malicious code and hardening security), 1000+ sites transfer and 200+ sites speed optimization (Delivered results as per Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, Pingdom) and 500+ SSL Installs (HTTP to HTTPS migration).


Expertise & Knowledge

If you need someone with experience in Ethical Hacking, Malware and Trojan removal, Penetration Testing or Website Security, you are reading about the right guy! Here is what I can do for you:

  • Malware / Virus Removal from Sites (Cleaning Hacked Sites) and Computers.
  • Website Security and Maintenance (Implementing security measures and guide on how to maintain security for future).
  • Site Transfer to New Host / Domain (Any PHP based CMS or custom coded site).
  • Optimize & Increasing Speed of WordPress Sites (Popular platforms such as Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix).
  • HTTP to HTTPS migration, SSL Install (WordPress based sites).
  • WordPress (Sites development and troubleshooting errors).
  • Zen Cart / Drupal / Joomla Upgrade (Upgrade to latest stable version).
  • Server Administrator (Linux / Windows - managing servers).
  • Optimize and Increasing Speed of Windows Operating System Based Computers (Win 7, 8, 10).
  • Google AdSense Optimization (Optimize site to get maximum revenue from AdSense ads).
  • Penetration Testing (Checking sites for security vulnerabilities).

Regarding any of your project queries, trust me as your partner!


Why Choose Me?

If what you are searching for, is quality at reasonable prices, then that is reason #1 to hire me for your project completion. I put emphasis on quality while taking into account your desired deadlines. Working with me you will never hear word ‘delay’ as all projects will be completed before the deadlines we initially agreed upon even though quality always comes first.

Weren’t you satisfied with what you paid for? Well, that’s weird… Sorry to hear that, but luckily for you, no payments if you do not get what you expect. No satisfactory results – no payment.
  • "PERFECT A++++ Harwinder is quite simply an amazing genius. The original developer of the site told me the malicious code would be too hard to remove, that the wordpress login could not be recovered and that the site would need to be redeveloped from scratch. Harwinder removed the code and my hosting provider checked and approved and unblocked the site. He recovered the admin logins through the back end. Website was restored to full functionality. Harwinder was fast and efficient and REALLY knows his stuff. He is an expert in all he says he is. Will definitely use again. Thanks so much!!"-Sergio Baseggio.
  • "Project with a very tight deadline was completed on time with time to spare. Arfharwinder got me through a difficult situation. He demonstrated his skills working with Amazon Cloud hosting. He also consulted with me.........."- Sun Powered.
  • "Amazing job. He cleaned and secured my server in no time with very clear communication and high professionalism. I highly recommend!"- Thomas H.


Payments & Billing

Thankfully for the progress humanity achieved in 21st century, money transfers are no longer an issue! For this reason, you can either award me the project at any of the freelancer websites you see in Contact section below or we can arrange a direct payment via Bank Wire, PayPal or Western Union.



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Don’t forget to check my positive testimonials for quality assurance! Cheers.

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