Why These Days Hacking Is Easy And Everyone Is Hacked?

This is a guest post by Claudia.

This is among the most common questions which seem to be troubling the modern day generation. People with even some basic computer and internet knowledge can understand the severity of this issue.

However, hacking is not an easy nut to crack; it requires lots of skills and efforts and is considered among the tougher tasks. Yet, these days, hackers have created whole lot of mess by simply cracking passwords of emails, bank accounts, and other similar things. This has emerged as a serious threat in the present context especially when you transfer money online, and carry out countless things on the web. The following are few possible reasons why hacking is becoming a rampant phenomenon where so many people are getting hacked.

The Password Habits of Users are Getting Worse

Any average internet user maintains around 25 different accounts but simply uses merely 6.5 passwords to secure them. The fact is maintaining this much of accounts is not an easy job as you need lots of brain space to remember complex code combos which is actually a difficult task. This simply ends up creating common passwords for a number of accounts.

Further, the password people select are often very simple and even stupid which are easy to crack. According to different studies, it takes hardly ten minutes to crack any lower case six character based passwords. The best way to avert this issue is to use dumb passwords.

Cracking Passwords Have Become Easy

Earlier cracking passwords was really a tough nut to crack, however, these days with so many tools, graphic processors, and password cracking programs doing this job has become faster and easy. In fact, there is a drastic advancement seen in the hacking world which has made cracking password a simple exercise. The most classic example is the LinkedIn breach of how things have changed in hacking domain. This has therefore proved that modern passwords are no more secure as they were in the past.

Growth in Hacking Network Effect

With every successful password hacking effort, the hackers and cyber thieves learn a lot about these crimes. The fast growing list of a wide range of leaked passwords has enabled the programmers to device rules which make the cracking algorithms more accurate and fast. This has therefore made the password attacks a cut and paste job, which even the script kiddies are able to carry out without much efforts. Still, you would see many web users having a password like ‘123456’ or words like ‘password’ despite being cautioned several times to use difficult and unique passwords.

Websites Have Now Turned Worst in Protecting the Users

The best example is again the case of LinkedIn breach where the company confessed that it simply occurred due to some poor protective measures. There are other examples of such hacking over a number of big and small websites. Most of these sites simply do not have sufficient amount of ‘cryptographic salt’ to their password protection. This renders opportunities to cyber criminals to hack such sites. A number of popular sites are seen ignoring this cryptographic salt element in their password security system.


Checking the above reasons confirms a fact that we have now reached to end of these password security systems. However, let’s keep our fingers crossed and see technology fixing these issues for the millions of users. Or, we need to simply embark with our own solutions to shield us from different hackers attack.

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