New Headache: Hackers Targeting Android Browser

This is a guest post by Jaskirat S Talwar.

Android Virus
According to statistics, cybercriminals and hackers are now targeting the Android browser. Many Android phones are now malware-infected through the browsers. This tactic is working and so if you are an Android phone user, you have to take the necessary precautionary measures.

Hackers implant hidden downloads in the web pages that are optimized for mobile internet users. Reports claim that there are now over 4,500 malware species infecting Android phones, Java ME, and Symbian.

A great disadvantage in using Android phones is that the security etiquette adopted by laptops and desktop computers is not yet available to mobile gadgets. Most Android users are unaware that there are infected sites that can cause potential harm to their mobile phone. Fake files make use of unsuspected names and the vulnerable Android user downloads it thinking that the file is a system or software update.

Hackers these days are very specific in choosing their targets, and are also more precise. If you want to protect your phone from hackers, here are some things you can do:
  • Update your Android browser automatically: This is to ensure that you’re using the latest browser version. You need to be sure that it is set in auto-updating because in some browsers it is disabled.
  • Disable cookies tracking: At some point, cookies can be useful. However, there are individuals who don’t like cookies that follow you anywhere you go. A good option is to block the so called third-party cookies. The procedure in blocking these cookies may differ depending on the browser that you’re using.
  • Sync bookmarks: You can say goodbye to manual wrangling of bookmarks. Premium services are now available to sync bookmarks to the Android browser. However, you may have to pay around $12 per year for such services. Despite the cost that you will incur, there are also benefits to enjoy.
  • Use reliable mobile security for your Android. It is better to pay for premium services because you can take advantage of better features like secured internet browsing, remote locking function, back up of important files, and many others.
  • To keep all data in your phone, you have to make a password today.
  • Get only the official apps for Android – Be selective with what you download and get it from the official Android Market
It is truly a headache for Android phone users once their device is infected with malware. Now that you know the latest news about hackers targeting the browser of Android phones, it is your responsibility to browse the web securely. Follow the suggestions above and you can protect your device from the many malware species found on infected websites.

Safety is an important factor whenever you surf the web. You can combat these hackers and cybercriminals but you should be equipped with the right knowledge and tools. Frequent updates on your browser are the best way to keep hackers at bay, and this is true whether you own the Google Android or the Apple iOS.

Because of the popularity of Android phones, it has become one of the primary targets of hackers and cybercriminals.

About the author:

Jaskirat S Talwar is the owner of Imping Solution. Impinge Solutions is a WEB DESIGN COMPANY which offers full-cycle services in areas of custom web design, web development, MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT, SEO, hosting & support in all over the Globe.

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