Steps To Increase Your Smartphone Security

This is a guest post by Lucille J Cronk.

The increasing use of smartphones and the reliance placed on it by smartphone users has made them the targets of many malicious activities. Their enormous storage capacity has given relief to our brains in trying to recollect all information at odd times. However, in case of loss of the smartphone, the security of such confidential information is compromised. The phone as well as the data would be subjected to misuse by fraudulent persons. To prevent such misuse, it is necessary to increase the security of your smartphone. There are various ways by which you can step up your smartphone security.

1. Set a Non Decodable Password: You would be using your smartphone for many activities like online banking, shopping, internet surfing and for a whole lot of activities which you do using a computer. You would also be accessing your company mails and portals. To ensure the security of the activities that you have gone through, and to prevent anybody from gaining access to private information, it is essential to secure your mobile either with a password or PIN. You need to select a password which is strong and cannot be easily decoded. Setting a password is the first and foremost step in mobile security. If access is denied by setting up a strong password, the safety of your all data in the smartphone is safeguarded.

2. Verify the Authenticity of Downloads: The multi functionality of smartphones allows us to install numerous applications. There are many numbers of fraudulent sites operating in the cyber world. They would entice you with free downloads and ultimately install malicious software on your smartphone. Always install apps from trusted and verified sources. It is safer to download from the app website.

3. Install Antivirus Software: Lots of malevolent software is circulating with the net result that lots of your mail attachments and apps are loaded with virus. It is advisable to install antivirus software on your smartphones to prevent any damage. You should also frequently check and install the updates too, to ensure that your antivirus software is potent to weed out all malicious software.

4. Anti Theft Spyware: The Smartphone is prone to mobile thefts due to its utility. Though you cannot prevent theft, other than being careful; by installing anti theft mobile apps you can secure your stolen smartphone. Anti theft spyware has features which allow you to lock the phone remotely and also allow wiping out the data to prevent misuse in your stolen smart phone. Such spyware enable you to track the location of the phone through text messages.

5. Mobile Monitoring Apps: Mobile monitoring apps have gained popularity in view of the emerging mobile threats. Their features are designed to protect your smartphone and safeguard the information stored on them. The mobile monitoring app or cell phone spy software is very easy to install. There are many such monitoring apps like Mobile Spy, Mobistealth, Spybubble, Stealthgenie and Flexispy. Installation can be done in a few minutes by downloading the application from your chosen apps website. Installation is the only time that you require to gain physical access of the smartphone on which you wish to install the spyware. Later on, you can review the activities of the smartphone like call and mail tracking, location tracking, browsing history, pictures and contacts stored on the smartphone from a remote user account.

On the whole, securing your smartphone from human and cyber world threats is of utmost importance in order to ensure that all your confidential information is well protected.

About the author:

Lucille J Cronk is a blogger who is enough passionate about mobile technology and other monitoring apps. She has her own blog on cell phone spy and one can get plenty of information on her site.

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