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This is a guest post by Nir.

You've heard about the Kindle devices, right? Technology is so advanced these days that using the new Kindle devices you can now read any book you want no matter what time it is or where you are without searching for a book store and without holding or carrying one book with you, so if you enjoy reading you should read this article to get to know the Kindle devices even better and choose the one that suits you the most.

Kindle 3G

This is the bestselling Kindle device to this date and it is known as the Kindle 3G wireless reading device. What makes it so good that thousands of people from all over the world buy it each and every day to this day? It can store inside it up to 3,500 real books and magazines which is a lot more than you can carry or store in your home, it has a long lasting battery that works for a whole month before you'll have to charge the device again, it has a free 3G and Wi-Fi connections so that means you even download more books and magazines to the Kindle reader and it takes only 60 seconds! After download you can start reading at the spot – no need to look for a book store or wait for an out-of-stock book. It is very thin, small and light and it weighs only 8.7 ounces, less than a book on the book shelf – a true bestseller.

Kindle Fire

The newest Kindle device is the Kindle Fire tablet which is a lot more than a wireless reader. It features a 7-inch screen that can deliver 16 million colors in high resolution and that allows you to read millions of books and magazines rich-in-color, watch over 100,000 TV shows and movies on it, play new and favorite games with amazing graphics, listen to high quality music and more! This device is already giving Apple's iPad 2 a great headache as people prefer it for half of the iPad 2's price – a complete entertainment system to have with you at all times no matter where you are, you can read, play games, watch movies and much more…who said you need a computer? All you need is a Kindle tablet.

Kindle Touch

The Kindle Touch came after the huge success of the Kindle 3G wireless reading device and it is not less successful as well. It features a touch screen, can store in it up to 3,000 books and magazines, has a Wi-Fi and free 3G as well to download more books and magazines to the device in only 60 seconds, its battery can last for two whole months before the need to charge the reader again and it is light, small and thin as it weighs 7.5 ounces only which is less than the Kindle 3G reader and less than one paperback at the store!

These are the 3 leading and bestselling Kindle devices today, devices which make you life and reading experience a lot more fun, enjoyable and most important convenient. No more carrying books or looking for a book store, have any book you want with you at all times, download new books in one minute and if you get yourself a tablet than you basically have anything you want and need with you (books, movies, TV shows, music, games), so I guess it's time to decide which Kindle is the one you really want to have…

Enjoy your reading…

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Nir is the co-founder of the Kindle3G.org.uk site which features the latest news, updates and information about the top and leading Kindle devices today. Find out more about each and every Kindle device at the site.
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