Secure Your Yahoo Account Using "Second Sign-in Verification"

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Hello friends!! In my previous post, I explained about "Add More Security To Your Google Account Using 2-Step Verification", today I'm telling about how to secure yahoo account from hackers using "Second Sign-in Verification".

The second sign-in verification helps prevent unauthorized access to your account through a stolen password. Any sign-in attempt Yahoo! deems suspicious will require a second verification, either answering your account's security question or entering a verification code send to the mobile phone or non-Yahoo! alternate email address. A "suspicious sign-in attempt" is an unrecognized computer or device trying to access your account.

Although this feature is still under beta version, it's available only in few countries and don't know about it's official launch.

Follow these simple steps for configuring second sign-in verification:
  • Sign in to your yahoo account using this link:
  • Under "Sign-In and Security", click on "Set up your second sign-in verification"
  • Check on the box to turn on second sign-in verification as shown in screenshot:

    Yahoo! Second Sign-in Verification 
  • Choose your country and add your mobile number, then click on Receive SMS.

    Note: This feature is only available to United States, Canada, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Mexico users.
  • You will receive a code via text, enter code and click on Verify Code.

    Yahoo! Second Sign-in Verification
  • Now you have successfully set up Second Sign-in Verification.

    Yahoo! Second Sign-in Verification
  • Choose option how you wish to login, either via "mobile verification or answering security questions" or only mobile verification.
For disabling this feature, just uncheck the box "Your second sign-in verification is turned on." as shown in above screenshot and click on Turn Off.

Yahoo! Second Sign-in Verification

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