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PlusOneAnywhere includes a Google +1 button on Google News, Google Reader, Empire Avenue, Amazon, Ebay, many Wordpress blogs, many posterous sites, Yelp, Facebook, Google Places, Google/Yahoo/Bing search engine results, many blogger blogs, Wingcash. If a Facebook like button is present then PlusOneAnywhere will detect it add a +1 button next to it. When PlusOneAnywhere can't place a +1 button neatly it will still be available on the left of the screen.

Actually PlusOneAnywhere shows +1 button for only links like while searching in Google, it would display +1 after each link title.

Follow these steps:
  • Sign up here: http://apps.kynetx.com
  • After sign up & log in, go to the link: PlusOneAnywhere 
  • Click on INSTALL.
  • It requires the installed Kynetx extension (depends on the browser you're using) before proceeding, install it by clicking the button.
  • After installing, you will redirect to confirmation page showing "Congratulations! PlusOneAnywhere has been installed.".
  • That's all. here's a screenshot displaying plus one on Facebook post:

    Plus One For Facebook
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