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This is a guest post by Amy.

Technology rules our lives. At work and at home, we rely on technology to allow us to do our jobs efficiently, shop in the comfort of our own homes and browse online.

But with all this technology – computers, iPads, handheld devices and smartphones – comes potential problems for our eyes.

We all know that staring at a computer screen for too long or watching television for hours on end can lead to our eye muscles being strained, and now there is a simple and convenient option for testing our eyes to see if they are healthy.

Eye Check by Boots Opticians

Well-known opticians Boots has released an iPhone app which allows you to test your visual ability. With a choice of Visual Acuity, Astigmatism, Duochrome and a Colour test, the app is really thorough and allows the user to test their sight ability with a few easy-to-follow prompts on-screen.

Boots Opticians Image

After each test is carried out, the app recommends your next course of action. This could be to see your optician or perhaps recommend you redo the test in the case of a skewed result. Helpful pointers as to how to keep your eyes healthy are also provided and the map feature helps you navigate to your nearest Boots optician.

Best feature: Astigmatism test.

EyeXam by Global EyeVentures

Similar to the Boots tests, this app comes with a choice of distance, colour and macula test to ensure every area of your eyes is covered in the test. Once again, the on-screen instructions are easy to follow as you go through each test and the results are clearly presented. The design is also an advantage of this app, with an easy to navigate menu and plain colour scheme throughout.

Eyeexam Image

Best feature: 20/20 vision test.

Both apps are free and a great addition to your iPhone app library. Our eyes are important organs in our body, and it’s great to see a mix of technology and health in a way that can test our eyesight.

About the author:

Amy is a writer for Direct Sight, a leading online provider of designer and own-brand glasses and sunglasses.
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