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Posted by Harwinder Kumar at 2/11/2012 Posted in:

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In my last post, I explained about hiding offline facebook friends using Kynetx, now I'm gonna tell about "Know When Someone Removes You From Their Circles In Google Plus".

GoogleMinus Kynetx apps will notify you each time someone removes you from their circles. Whole procedure is same with my last post Hiding Offline Facebook Friends except the application you used.
  • Sign up here: http://apps.kynetx.com
  • After sign up & log in, go to the link: GoogleMinus 
  • Click on INSTALL.
  • It requires the installed Kynetx extension (depends on the browser you're using) before proceeding, install it by clicking the button.
  • After installing, you will redirect to confirmation page showing "Congratulations! GoogleMinus has been installed.".
  • That's all.
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