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This is a guest post by Rob Clymo.

When it comes to smartphones, then there’s no doubt that the Apple iPhone 4Sis one of the major hits, but it’s a costly piece of kit and not everybody shares thesame level of enthusiasm for the iOS as some people do. So, if you’re looking foran alternative then many of the smartphones running Android make a good bettoo, and there are models to suit all kinds of budget.

Top of the pile

One of the current best buys in terms of an enviable specification has to be theSamsung Galaxy Nexus, which is one of the bug guns in the world of Androidsmartphones. It’s got some really impressive technical features and, of course,coming from the Samsung stable means that the design and built quality isright up there with the best of them too. It’s one of the pricier alternatives to aniPhone, but the specification justifies that.

Motorola too are also able to produce a very decent handset from time to timeand the new Defy + is no exception. This has a price tag that’s also much moreaffordable than the Nexus while at the same time there’s plenty to catch theeye, both on the outside and the inside of this mobile device. Indeed, Motorolahas tweaked the Android interface to give it a rather different look and feel toproceedings.

Another option

Samsung comes to the fore again when you’re looing at other high-end handsets,and the Galaxy SII is no exception. This is a smartphone that comes overflowingwith technology and super-cool looks. It’s no wonder that this phone has gone onto become a best seller because it has a fantastic design that is not only practicalbut durable too. Again, it’s not cheap to buy, but the additional features matchthe extra cost.

Sony is also busy improving its profile when it comes to smartphone productionand the latest Xperia Arc is another Android phone to watch. This is everythingyou’d expect from Sony in terms of top quality build and design, while the XperiaX10 is also a fabulous handset that makes a really good multimedia powerhouse,complete with HD functionality for movies on the move.

Looking elsewhere

No look at the latest Android smartphones to rival the Apple iPhone 4S canignore the range of handsets produced by HTC either, because they are currentlyone of the most prolific producers of smartphones you can find. In fact, such isthe quality of their current range that you can pick any one of them and expect toget the best from Android via a handset that delivers the goods. Granted, you’llneed to pay top dollar for the more premium models in their range, but that’sstill going to look competitive alongside the top-heavy cost of the iPhone. What’smore, you get the added benefit of Android and the HTC Sense user interface too.

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