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This is a guest post by K R Ashok.

In today’s world, database is everywhere. Whether it is big server or small mobile phone, database is must to store data. Here in this article we are going to see about database and SQL.

What is database?

Database is a place for storing data. Simple saying database is like a bag inside which we can store our things (data). In computer field, database is very important and complex part. Big companies like Google, Facebook have very complex and huge database with tons of data.

List of database programs:

There are lots of database programs available. Some of the most popular programs are Oracle, MySQL (Product of Oracle), SQL Server (Microsoft), MS Access (Microsoft), DB2 (IBM). We need to use any of these programs for storing data.

Database Structure:

Data in the database will be stored in the form of tables. Each database can hold 100’s of tables. Inside each table there will be tons of records (also called as rows).

What is SQL?

We got database. How to store and retrieve data? The answer is SQL. SQL is abbreviation of Server Query Language. It is a programming language which is used to store, modify, retrieve, and delete data in database. All the above database programs support SQL. Before we learn any database program, first we need to learn SQL.

SQL has lots of inbuilt commands and functions which helps us to perform different database operations. Some of the most important commands in SQL are as follows:
  1. SELECT – It is used to retrieve data from database.
  2. CREATE – It is used to create tables and database.
  3. ALTER – It is used to modify tables in the database.
  4. DROP – It is used to delete table or database.
  5. UPDATE - It is used to modify contents in the table.
These are some important commands. There are lots of commands in SQL. I recommend you to take a look at SQL tutorial to learn SQL.

SQL will be very simple to learn. You don’t feel much difficulty when working in small database applications. You will see the real challenge when your database got bigger. For big database you need to write 1000’s of lines of SQL statements. SQL is easy to learn but difficult to master.

Along with SQL and database program, you also need to learn a programming language like PHP, JAVA, C, and C++. To learn C & C++ take a look at C Tutorial and C++ Tutorial.

Database is the big field. If you have good knowledge in SQL and a database program, then you have lots of great opportunities.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.

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Kajal said on 3/11/2012 12:47 PM:

very informative and useful.. esp. to a non techie like me.
Glad to have found you at Indiblogger. Your newest follower and aregular visitor now

Harwinder said on 3/11/2012 1:20 PM:

@Kajal: thanx for appreciation!!!


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