14How To Know The Balance Of Any Prepaid - BSNL Number?

Posted by Harwinder Kumar at 12/30/2011 Posted in:

Hello friends!! Today I will explain about how to know the balance of any Prepaid - BSNL number. As mostly friends says "I could not call you because of low balance" or something like that, but if your friend is using BSNL number, then he/she can't cheat you from now onwards. Follow these easy steps:
  • Go to the link from here.
  • Register from here or login with your details.
  • After login, go to the link from here.
  • Here enter any prepaid-mobile number & select denomination between ₹50 to ₹5000 in multiples of 10.
  • You will redirected to the page similar to the below screenshot:

    BSNL Balance
  • Check under "Existing Balance AND Expiry Date :".
  • That's all, so start checking your friend's balance now.
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14 comments so far:

Prince Bhalani said on 12/31/2011 9:57 AM:

nice trick to make fool buddy...that's a recharge pannel...thn how can show that balance of ur frnd....lolzzzz

Harwinder said on 12/31/2011 10:14 AM:

have u tried it or saying just after reading??

Anonymous said on 12/31/2011 12:19 PM:

nice.. verry goog

Ultimate Hacker said on 1/06/2012 9:47 PM:

good trick

Harwinder said on 1/06/2012 9:49 PM:

@Ultimate Hacker.. thanx :)

Anonymous said on 9/28/2012 9:03 PM:

gazab yaar

Harwinder said on 9/28/2012 10:46 PM:

@Anonymous: thanks buddy!!

Anonymous said on 1/02/2013 11:40 AM:

Gr8 help...

Harwinder said on 1/02/2013 12:57 PM:

@Anonymous: thanks for reading!

Anonymous said on 1/05/2013 5:46 PM:

excellent dude!

Harwinder said on 1/05/2013 5:50 PM:

@Anonymous: thanks

james d'souza said on 2/05/2013 6:05 PM:

I have Tried it.. it's not working..!!!

Harwinder said on 2/05/2013 9:00 PM:

@james d'souza: its working dude, you might be doing something wrong.

Anonymous said on 3/03/2013 1:02 PM:

karthik => v,very good ,, working


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