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This is a guest post by August Drilling.

The world’s most popular photo-sharing app, currently an iOS exclusive, Instagram gives users the ability to take snapshots and customize them with vintage filters. Launched only one year ago, Instagram already has over ten million users who have shared millions of nostalgic photos.
Many sites now connect to Instagram and further its use into new creative territories. I’ve rounded up a list of eight different new ways to interact with Instagram.

1. Postagram: Postagram lets you create a postcard using a photo from Instagram, your iPhone or Android phone, or your Facebook, and send it to your friends and family. There is also a web app as well if you don’t have a smartphone. The postcard is printed with your customizable message and a glossy, pop-out photo. The cost of the print is only 99 cents. What a great way to send unique postcards!


2. Followgram: Because Instagram is a mobile app exclusively for iOS and Instagram’s dedicated website lacks any real functionality beyond pointing visitors to Apple’s App Store, the creators behind Followgram decided to bring the experience of the app to the Internet.  Each Instagram user gets their own URL where they and others can browse, comment, and like photos. Followgram also lets visitors search for photos by keyword, tag, or user, and view Instragram’s current most popular photos.

3. Instaprint: Instaprint lets you turn your Instagram photos into actual printed pictures. How it works is you can rent an Instaprint box that is set with a specific location or special hashtag of your choosing. As soon as someone takes a photo that is tagged at the location or with the hashtag, it prints from the Instaprint box. This is basically like an updated, digital photo booth that prints inkless photos, similar to Polaroid. Each print features the location, hashtag, and title that you’ve chosen, and is automatically uploaded to the Instaprint website for later browsing. 


4. Teeny Tile: Have you ever wanted to turn your photos into ceramic tiles? Maybe not, but now you can with Teeny Tile! Take any Instagram photo, or other snapshots from Facebook or your cell phone, and turn it into 2” x 2” x .25” tile. Tiles can be used in actual tilework around your house, if you feel so inclined, or they come with an adhesive magnet to turn the tiles into refrigerator magnets. Each tile is just $3.99.

5. Instawar: Let your Instagram photos do battle! Instawar pits two random photos together and makes you choose the better photo. If two photos complement each other, you can click “make a pair” to create a side-by-side image to reshare throughout the web. If your photo becomes paired with another, you are notified by email with a link to the new image.

6. Casetagram: If you love using Instagram on your iPhone, then a custom iPhone case from Casetagram is right up your alley. Using the site, you can design a case for an iPhone 4 or new 4S that features your favorite Instagram photos. Choose from four layouts, and either color or grayscale printing, to create your highly personalized iPhone case. Any case is $34.95 with free worldwide shipping.


7. StickyGram: StickyGram, which is similar to Teeny Tile, lets you turn your Instagram photos into magnets. Each magnet is about 2 inches by 2 inches square. Simply connect your Instagram account to StickyGram, select nine of your photos, and for $14.99 you’ll receive a printed sheet of high-quality, printed magnets for your fridge.

8. Teleportd: Teleportd is a new iPhone app that lets you navigate a digital map of the world and see real-time photo uploads tagged to specific locations. If something important is happening or there is a breaking news event, you can search its location and see Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare, and PicPlz users’ firsthand photos. The idea behind teleportd is to give everyone the opportunity to experience the world through everyday Instagram photographs.

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Article written by August Drilling works in the marketing department at CliqStudios, the online supplier of oak cabinets, and is an Apple fan, social media enthusiast, and blogger.
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