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An email worm maker and his punishment

Computer viruses, worms and Trojans are the programs or codes that run in a computer without the knowledge and permission of the computer user. They are always annoying and are meant to not only disturb the computer user but also to destroy the computer or sometimes the reputation of other famous people and celebrities. A virus is so named because it infects the computer and data and it is most of the times contagious. It can be transmitted to other computers through Local Area Network, usually by file sharing and Wide Area Network, usually by sending emails. However, there are certain ways to block the viruses entering into the computer. For this purpose a number of antivirus programs, softwares and utilities have been designed which are doing the job sometimes partially and sometimes completely.

The important question arises that how computer viruses are formed. Obviously they are not produced automatically; however they have the ability to reproduce themselves. There is always a person or a group of persons working to produce viruses and worms. These persons are known as virus makers. Sometimes there are large organizations working to make viruses, worms and adware. Adware is usually designed to advertise or market products. Therefore organizations create adware in order to increase their sales. Sometimes the only intention of designing virus is to bring troubles in the work of a computer user. Whatever the objective behind making a virus is, the designing and production of virus is always considered as a crime. Since there are many antivirus softwares and tools which are unable to prevent the viruses completely and a lot of viruses are being produced which are aggravating the problem, therefore certain rules and laws have been designed to handle this issue. There is a strict punishment for the person who commits the crime of virus making. These rules and punishments are different in different countries.

Even after the implementation of strict rules, the trend of virus making had been propagating unless some people who were found guilty were imprisoned for committing this crime. It is true that some people were caught and found guilty for making and spreading the viruses. There are a number of stories related to the virus makers. Most of the virus makers are found young. There is a story of a virus maker who is only 21 year old. The details of the story are given below.

In September 2001, a 21 year old man was found guilty for spreading the email worm. The issue was brought to the court in order to decide the punishment for the crime. Although his lawyer was not satisfied with the punishment he had been given, but due to the destruction done by the worm the punishment was really justified. The man used to have some tools to create the worm. The worm was about the email containing the images of a female tennis star. The email was propagated just in two days in February 2001 and the evil objective behind the virus making was easily fulfilled. Later on, it was found that the man used to work in a computer store and he owned more than seven thousand computer viruses.

Although the virus maker explained that he was not aware of the future problems that could have been aroused because of the virus he created and he himself did not completely realize the evilness behind the task but such weak justifications did not affect the decisions of the judges. He had done the crime for which he could be in prison for complete four years with a fine of around forty thousand dollars. However, he requested to offer community service for two hundred and forty hours.

Please note that the nationality of the virus maker and the name and nationality of the tennis sports player are not disclosed in order to follow some ethical rules but the story about the virus maker is described to create awareness among the people. The virus making job is not only unethical but it is also illegal. The individuals and organizations who are involved in the business of virus making often forget the possible outcomes of the crime. It should be taken seriously. It is a humble request to all the virus makers to stop committing this crime.

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