3Facebook Photo Zoom (Google Chrome Extension For Large View Of Images)

Posted by Harwinder Kumar at 6/11/2011 Posted in: ,

Facebook Photo ZoomFB Photo Zoom is a simple, light-weight extension that integrates directly into FB so you can see the larger images of photo albums, profile photos and more whenever you hover over a zoom-able image. This feature is useful when you want to look at pictures without going to their profile.

Install Extension from here.

For firefox users users, check my other post Facebook Ffixer (Customize multiple aspects of facebook).

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3 comments so far:

Anonymous said on 12/18/2011 11:31 AM:

am usin dis extension in chrome now and it's a gud photo zoomin utility... but yesterday i tried in twitter.. it's showin problem.. the pic which i want 2 view is highlighting but when i move my mouse pointer d pic is gettin stuck wid it...

Harwinder said on 12/18/2011 11:34 AM:

@anonymous.. It's for facebook only!!

Sandipan said on 7/13/2012 1:08 PM:

Thanks Harwinder


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